Hotel technology: Solutions for tomorrow’s hospitality

    Image of digital hotel technology room entry in corridor
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    Hotel technology: Solutions for tomorrow’s hospitality

    Gary Yeames-Smith, Director at Yeames Hospitality who presented a Product Watch Pitch at Hotel Designs LIVE, explores hotel technology available today to safeguard guests throughout the pandemic and beyond...

    Image of digital hotel technology room entry in corridor

    The hotel guestroom has undergone many changes over the years to keep up with the lives, both social and physical, of the ever changing demands of the occupant. TVs have got larger yet slimmer, showers have replaced baths and decor concepts range from the lavish, to the quirky.

    With Covid-19 providing the biggest interruption to the industry in modern memory, there are solutions available today to safeguard guests throughout this pandemic and beyond.

    Indeed, how we enter our rooms and how we relax fundamentally have not changed. Instead of physical keys, we now have solutions that are sustainable, more efficient and far hygienic options with both online and smart key check ins systems already available.

    Sometimes a stay is more of a luxury – maybe a retreat – than a busy business trip. Perhaps the stay has an emotional significance for the Guest and a hotel-branded paper RFID card could provide the ideal souvenir to remember the stay in years to come.

    The importance of first impressions for any hotel is vital, therefore a suitable check in and access system is of the utmost importance for any Hotelier to prevent a hasty entry into Trip Advisor, rather than a relaxed stroll to the room, whereby they could be greeted with a stylish and custom floor reader panel directing them to their door.

    A quick tap on the “Floor Panel” or via the “Magic Eye” reader on the door is all that is needed to gain entry to their room whereby the second impression of the Hotel can be developed with designated lighting themes designed for entry, sleeping and work.

    The guest experience is enhanced further using amazing design from the interior designer and architect that utilises the latest technology for room management control with custom finishes to any panel to provide a bespoke room design for any Hotel.

    As the guest unpacks they could find room management controls in all the right places to control turn the TV on, set the air conditioning or open the blinds.

    With presence sensors installed, the room status can be known to staff and can be monitored and adjusted for the highest energy efficiency. Housekeeping could also be informed when the room is empty for cleaning.

    What differentiates a Messerschmitt system to the others on the market?

    • Both the Key Card and Room Management Systems can be used separately or combined which provides great flexibility for a Hotelier to add on future upgrades as required.
    • All of the components are designed and manufactured in Germany and therefore not reliant on imports from China where future availability of main or spare parts can not be guaranteed.
    • 30 years of experience and installed in over 2000 branded and independent Hotels, provides reassurance that the products are tried and tested.
    • Increased Investment into R&D in the last 2 years will see an influx of new options for the future Hotel.

    Yeames Hospitality is both proud and excited to be the exclusive certified partner for Messerschmitt Systems in the UK and Ireland and are working diligently to bring this excellent solution to market with Hotels already installed and running in London.

    As a company we have our own experienced and trained engineers as well as support staff to ensure all systems installed are maintained to the highest standard with a comprehensive management system and proactive maintenance processes in place.

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    With the acquisition of Hotel Media, we are developing a unique approach to integrated systems that can offer the Guest seamless experience throughout the hotel.

    By working together with design teams in the hospitality sector, room management, guest entertainment and design can be created that provide for the guests senses and allow design and function to co-exist.

    Yeames Hospitality was a Product Watch Pitch partner at Hotel Designs LIVE, which took place on February 23, 2021. Read more about the virtual event here. The next Hotel Designs LIVE will take place on May 11 2021.

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