Hotel bathroom furniture solutions from Ambiance Bain

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    Hotel bathroom furniture solutions from Ambiance Bain

    Ambiance Bain has been developing innovative bathroom furniture and shower spaces for more than 60 years. The company understands that bathroom furniture for the hotel sector needs to be robust, functional and stunning…

    Bathroom brand Ambiance Bain has worked with leading designers to develop a range of bathroom furniture specially created to provide the functionality required by the hotel sector, with no compromise on style and quality.

    The high volume of continual use in hotel bathrooms lends itself to requiring a durable washbasin and worktop whilst allowing a practical space to store extra towels and toiletries.

    With a wide range of sizes and a choice of ceramic or SMO™ vanity basin worktop, you can be sure there is an option for every hotel shape, style and affordability required.

    Whilst the ceramic basin offers a slightly more competitive solution, the SMO™ basin worktop, complete with up-stand to protect the wall from splashes, allows much more flexibility in design with a choice of matching shower trays and wall panels to add a touch of luxury.

    SMO™ is an exclusive material particularly suitable for hotel spaces.  Moulded from a single piece, the products are completely seamless making them easy to clean and maintain, which is particularly key with hygiene and deep cleaning of great importance to everyone at the moment.

    It is also possible to repair SMO™ products using our repair kit should they become damaged, ensuring the longevity of the facilities.

    The innovative hotel vanity units have an open shelving feature combining high storage capacity with ease of maintenance and all units are delivered fully assembled ready to install.

    Available in a range of colours to suit your style, Ambiance Bain hotel bathroom furniture together with our shower spaces offers the ideal solution to every style and design.

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