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    Ambiance Bain have been creating inspirational bathroom furniture and shower spaces in France since 1956 and in the UK, we have been enjoying these wonderful designs for more than 20 years.

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    The spirit of Ambiance Bain is derived from a combination of shape, colour and material.  All of our products are designed and produced in our own manufacturing sites, allowing us creative autonomy, without the reliance on any other companies technical or design constraints.

    Our imaginative design and development team come from a variety of artistic and specialised backgrounds, sharing experience and knowledge to create fabulous, state-of-the-art, functional collections with a touch of individualism to reflect modern living and its challenges.

    Ambiance Bain manufacture a fully comprehensive range of bathroom components.  A unique approach which allows you to equip your hotel bathroom with beautiful furniture designs as well as comfortable and durable matching or contrasting shower spaces.

    From beautiful furniture, SMO™ basins and worktops, storage units, mirrors to shower trays and shower wall panels, the production methods at Ambiance Bain merge together the latest manufacturing innovation with traditional artisan techniques to ensure an impeccable finish.

    Digital cutting and laser finishing ensures perfect quality every time.  Our attention to detail is the secret to a flawless finish.  Your bathroom furniture is made to order and delivered fully assembled, adjusted and configured to your individual design.  Every part is manufactured to your specifications, following perfect traceability at ever step of the way.

    Our worktops, shower trays and shower wall panels are manufactured from SMO™, a unique material which allows us to manufacture in a single piece.  Created from a mixture of stone powders and 1mm thick surface gel coat, SMO™ is extremely hygienic, easy to clean and maintain and meets all the sanitary constraints, particularly important with the increased cleaning regimes hotels now need to adhere to.

    Hand finished with minute attention to detail, our SMO™ products, even when manufactured in quantities are sanded and polished by hand and each piece is meticulously packaged and shipped individually.  Shower Trays and Wall Panels can be made to measure or easily adjusted on site for ease of installation.

    SMO™ is available in an array of beautiful colours which allows you to harmonise your worktop, shower space, shelves and even conceal unsightly pipework and with no difficult grout lines to clean, you can ensure your bathroom stays fresh, functional and stylish for years to come.

    Ambiance Bain pride ourselves on delivering innovative, inspirational, quality products built to last.

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