Bette unveiled ‘perfect bath for 2’ in more than 400 colours

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    Bette unveiled ‘perfect bath for 2’ in more than 400 colours

    The new BetteSelect Duo fitted bath has been designed to be the perfect bath for two…

    Made from glazed titanium-steel, the extremely solid and durable BetteSelect Duo bath works equally well for bathing children as it does for a romantic candlelit bath for two. Candles can even be placed on the bath itself, without fear of damaging it.

    The two seater bath has ergonomically shaped backrests on both sides, for extremely comfortable sitting. Softly rounded neck profiles, which gently merge into a wide rim, further increase the lying comfort, as they invite you to lean back and relax your head.

    Well thought-out down to the last detail

    The central position of the waste outlet means no one will have the discomfort of having to sit on it. It has also been moved slightly to the side, which not only looks stylish, but also brings practical fitting benefits.

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    Designed for a long life

    Like every Bette bath, the BetteSelect Duo is made of glazed titanium-steel. Bette gives a 30-year guarantee on the robust material, which is not only particularly hygienic and easy to clean, but also UV-resistant so it keeps its colour, impact and scratch-proof, so it keeps its shine, and resistant to chemicals, cosmetics and bath additives.


    The BetteSelect Duo is available in more than 400 colours, including Bette’s latest effect colours Midnight, a glittering black, and Blue Satin, a frosted shade of blue.


    The BetteSelect Duo is available in the spacious 170×75 cm and 180×80 cm sizes. Both versions are 42 cm deep, which is enough room to ensure warm knees.

    Sound insulation as standard

    Also included as standard is a soundproofing set that ensures more peace and quiet when running and taking a bath. There is also the option of a higher level of sound insulation that conforms to DIN 4109, to minimise sound for neighbours.

    Other practical options

    The BetteSelect Duo bath can also be ordered with a sealed wall connection, called BetteUpstand, that does away with the need for silicone, an almost invisible anti-slip surface, AntiSlip Pro, and a special dirt-repellent surface for even easier cleaning.  A practical grab handle, which makes it easier to sit down and stand up, is also available if required.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 13.10.2020


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