Bathroom design: Gessi spotted in beautiful projects around the world

    A cutting-edge bathroom design from Gessi
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    Bathroom design: Gessi spotted in beautiful projects around the world

    From stunning hotels to chic private residences, Gessi is able to offer a style in wellness areas that is unlike anything we have seen before. Here, we celebrate the brand’s couture-like take on bathroom design… 

    A cutting-edge bathroom design from Gessi

    Chic hotels and spas, dream residences, and yachts exhibit a style of living and travelling steeped in a taste for beauty, design and wellbeing, which all require the same approach in bathroom design (one that is personal to the project).

    Impressive urban dwellings that reflect the natural beauty of lakes, mountains, beaches and forests, or even the elegance of fine watercraft, all serve as inspiration for Gessi, known as the private wellness company. Its award-winning commitment to creating a style of well-being in every living space. A vision that designers relish when choosing Gessi products to transform a bath into a Private Wellness Experience to be appreciated in the world’s finest architectural creations.

    A colourful open-planned bathroom within a suite

    Image credit: Gessi

    From the Maldives to Greece, Milan to Saudi Arabia, New York to Shanghai, this collection is at home in the most sophisticated environments. A testament to the company’s presence in the large-project hospitality market, where it has been appreciated for the style, quality, durability, and environmental sustainability of its products and its ability to provide advanced technical support and customisation.

    The designers’ choice of Gessi Collections in these highly regarded projects expresses a new awareness of the need to create environments in which design and technology nourish emotional well-being as well as purely functional expectations.

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    The largest existing program for the for the creation of customised wellness experiences

    The fast pace of daily life does not always allow us to devote time to a relaxing bath, and the customary practice has become to resort to a more practical shower, in which the user can access the well-being given by water by a simple touch.

    Indeed Gessi Private Wellness gives life to this idea, as it proposes a design shower concept with advanced functions, aimed at creating a wellness corner or a personal Spa in one’s own bathroom, although the collection boasts countless uses in professional spas worldwide.

    A modern shower on an earthy wall

    Image credit: Gessi

    The Gessi Private Wellness Program represents the world’s widest range of steel showerheads and shower elements for hydro massage, including rain showers, waterfalls and atomisation. These modular elements can be freely composed, for a total customisation of one’s own shower, so to create a “private” wellness, designed according to one’s own desires.

    The products of the Gessi Private Wellness system stand out for their patented, innovative architectural aesthetic, the great attention to details of shapes and finishes, the facility of installation even in small spaces.

    The advanced functions are designed to be easily accessible and genuinely beneficial to the user. This is the result of very long research on the therapeutic, relaxing and energetic properties of light, an incorporeal element, and water, a fluid element. The outcome is a technology capable of enhancing the therapeutic properties of these two elements and produce not only scenographic effects, but above all emotion and wellbeing.\

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    Main image credit: Gessi

    Hamish Kilburn / 22.01.2021


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