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    Next generation thermostat, Grohtherm 2000 New

    The new generation of Grohe’s most successful thermostat boasts improved technologies for greater safety, efficiency and showering comfort, a new ergonomic design as well as functional storage. Grohtherm 2000 New is a modern and practical solution for the shower and bath tub. Its elegant look can blend into any bathroom decor. Combining all advantages of a thermostat, Grohtherm 2000 New is well thought-out and intuitive to deliver the perfect water experience. A relaxing and sustainable shower

    The main advantages of a thermostat should be increased safety and additional comfort. The Grohtherm 2000 New features GROHE CoolTouch® to rule out the risk of scalding on hot chrome surfaces due to its solid metal housing. Another feature is the new GROHE Aquadimmer Eco which automatically helps save water when switching from the bath filler to the hand shower. GROHE TurboStat® is at the heart of the new thermostat as it ensures that the desired water temperature is reached 2 times faster (within 0.3 seconds) than ever before and kept constant throughout the shower.

    Thermostat design reinvented

    For the most practical and stylish design ever, the product combines clear, aesthetic looks with improved ergonomics. Innovative Aqua Paddles ensure a reliable and anti-slip operation for maximum comfort. Thanks to their special shape, the user can easily see and feel at which point the water temperature exceeds the 38 °C safety limit, even with soapy hands.

    Complete design

    The XL waterfall for the bath tub is an inspiring eye-catcher. The extra large spout emerges seamlessly from the bath tub mixer and delivers a large, wide water flow. A powerful design inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature.

    The thermostat can also be fitted with the GROHE EasyReach™ shower tray which can be placed onto the wall rosettes to close the gap between the thermostat and the wall. The even surface conceals the connections, transforming the thermostat’s design into one complete surface. This aesthetic and convenient tray offers additional space to store shower gel, shampoo and other bathroom utensils in an easily accessible location.

    The right choice for every taste

    Grohtherm 2000 New is available in numerous variants for exposed and concealed installation.

    Combining fresh and confident design with high-quality engineering, Grohtherm 2000 New is the best thermostat ever made by GROHE.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.12.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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