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    Tuesday 9th February 2016 — Hotel Designs is pleased to announce the launch of its new fully responsive website. Through a complete ‘redecoration’, the aim is to give the brand a more succinct look and feel. With a logo that looks more like the emblem of a well-established hotel chain rather than a website, Hotel Designs is appealing to its high calibre of clients and readers alike.

    The new website has been designed and developed to give readers an optimal viewing experience – with readily accessible content and easy navigation, everything has been created with the reader at its heart.

    The ability to showcase a range of images in high resolution, at scale is fundamental to the overall appearance of the new site. Not only are there a greater number of opportunities to offer to clients wishing to work with the Hotel Designs team, but those opportunities look a lot more attractive.
    The Hotel Designs website is there to provide the latest news from across the hotel industry as well as hotel reviews, industry jobs and updates from our extensive directory of suppliers with hoteliers, designers and industry specialists at the heart of everything we cover.

    This relaunch comes after the renaming and repositioning of the Hotel Designs Summit which we announced back in November. This event was renamed in order for it to explore additional areas from within the hotel industry namely design, facilities and development.

    Katy Phillips, Publisher of Hotel Designs said “As a business we acquired HotelDesigns.net last summer and felt it hugely important to create our own identity in the marketplace. We are all very excited about the newly designed website and its capabilities in addition to the branding overhaul and hope that our readers like it too.”

    Daniel Fountain / 09.02.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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