Weekly briefing: EDITION soars & Tom Dixon strikes again

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    Weekly briefing: EDITION soars & Tom Dixon strikes again

    Ahoy there! Hamish Kilburn here with your weekly briefing – if you only read one of our editorial pieces this week, make it this one as its jam-packed full of our most-read news stories and features that we have published over the last few days…

    This week’s round-up comes after the UK reaches an important milestone on the nation’s roadmap out of the pandemic: hospitality (outdoors) is allowed to open while non-essential shops have dusted off their shelves to finally be able to welcome their adoring customers once more. This significant moment for the UK is not without its concern for other nations as elsewhere in Europe the Covid-19 crisis continues to wreak havock for destinations that depend heavily on a tourism footfall. And it is in these times when Hotel Designs’ intel becomes socially distanced companion for designers, architects, hoteliers, developers and suppliers who wish to establish new projects and developments that are emerging on the international hotel design landscape.

    So, without further a due, here are this week’s editor’s picks, which includes news from Tom Dixon, EDITION Hotels and even a carpet collection that was inspired by the tranquility craved during the Covid-19 pandemic – genius!

    British designer Tom Dixon joins interior design team for Pan Pacific London

    The acclaimed British designer, Tom Dixon, has been appointed by Pan Pacific to to create a destination bar in Devonshire House, with the aim to design a ‘home from home’ in the city of London. “We have recently spent a lot of time designing spaces all over the world so it’s a great pleasure to find ourselves with a project on our doorstep commissioned by our friends at Pan Pacific London, who are showing their commitment to London and to Bar Culture just when most of the sector is frozen,” explained Dixon. “We look forward to creating an exciting new location in the middle of the city at breakneck speed. We’ll see you all for a cocktail in Autumn 2021!” 

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    Hotel Designs updates in-house events calendar for 2021 & 2022

    The entire team at Hotel Designs and Forum Events have been working tireless throughout the Covid-19 pandmeic, reacting to the latest government guidelines, in order to organise premium networking events that are safe and effective for designers, hoteliers, architects, developers and key-industry suppliers. In this time, we have launched new events, such as Hotel Designs LIVE, in order to keep the conversation flowing, while amended dates and concepts around our much-loved networking events. Here’s the latest amendments to our in-house event calendar – think of it as the ultimate ‘save the date’.

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    EDITION to open 8 new hotels by 2022

    The Dubai EDITION Final Rendering Hi Res- Edition_Lobby_R4

    EDITION Hotels has announced its further international expansion by the end of 2022, with the expected openings of eight new properties across three continents. The new openings include sites in Rome, Madrid, Dubai, Reykjavik, Tampa, Doha, Mexico’s Riviera Maya at Kanai and EDITION’s second property in Tokyo. With 11 hotels worldwide currently, these planned unveilings underscore the brand’s strong growth and will bring the portfolio to a total of 19 properties globally.

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    The carpet collection inspired by Covid-19

    TSAR Retreat Collection—Shoreline Axminster Carpet

    We have always been impressed with the relevance of TSAR Carpets’ collections, but this is something else… The carpet brand launched a collection during that oozes tranquility and harmony for designers during the Covid-19 crisis. Grab a coffee and let’s take a look.

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    Hotel Designs LIVE: Less than 1 month to go

    Main image Hotel Designs LIVE

    Time is running out for designers, architects, hoteliers and developers to secure their complimentary tickets to attend Hotel Designs LIVE on May 11, the one-day virtual conference designed to keep the conversation flowing and the industry connected throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

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    How will hotel public spaces overcome Covid-19?

    To kickstart ‘public spaces’ being placed under the editorial spotlight this month, Emma Cook takes the reigns to explore how the pandemic will evolve hotel lobbies, hotel arrival and the hospitality experience in general once more.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 16.04.2021


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