Town Hall Hotel – reimagined to stimulate creativity

Located in the energetic inner-city hub of Bethnal Green, Town Hall Hotel has partnered with the London-based furniture designers and makers Jan Hendzel Studio to transform two of the property’s suites to create a gallery-come-living space aiming to stimulate creative interaction. We stepped inside for a closer look…

table designed for Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green by Jan Hendzel

Previously the Bethnal Green Town Hall, a Grade ll listed building, was reborn as the Town Hall Hotel with design-led interiors characterised by its with many artistic touches. Set in the heart of London’s vibrant East End, the hotel combines architectural splendour with cutting-edge design and a devotion to the pleasures of life. The hotel houses 97 guestrooms and suites, many equipped with fully fitted kitchens, allowing for both short and long-term stays. This offering also includes one of the largest hotel suites in London; the De Montfort Suite. On the ground floor of the property is Da Terra, the two Michelin star restaurant, Silkweaver, the hotel’s bar, a 14 metre pool and gym, and a variety of meeting rooms and event spaces.

suite at town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green with handmade wooden furniture by Jan Hendzel

Image credit: Town Hall Hotel / Jan Hendzel Studio

In keeping with the hotel’s core ethos, it has historically worked with local brands and supported the community through various partnerships and events. The most recent collaboration with Jan Hendzel Studio is not only an extension of this, but arguably one of the hotel’s largest projects to date. It will also act as the first of many future collaborations with other likeminded, neighbourhood brands to build a community of creatives around the hotel and eventually house an eclectic range of suites, each telling their own unique story.

wooden drawers and chair in guestroom of Town Hall Hotel designed and made by Jan Hendzel

Image credit: Town Hall Hotel / Jan Hendzel Studio

Where a traditional hotel room might encourage total introspection that takes the visitor away from their surroundings, these suites invite touch and stimulate creative interaction with the pieces. Texture and sculptural finesse are two striking signature characteristics of Jan Hendzel Studio’s furniture designs. So in these suites you’ll find smooth curved edges on coffee tables, ageing cracks in green wooden sculptures, hand-carved scallops on mounted mirrors. It’s in these details where the hand of the maker is most evident. As a studio that has historically worked with British timber and a hotel that has always sourced locally and sustainably, it was important to incorporate these into the design – whether in the more sculptural furniture pieces or the more subtle interventions. You’ll see it in the soft pattern of the London Plane timber, the capital’s street trees that were sourced from Denmark Hill, close to Jan’s workshop in Woolwich.

In addition to Jan Hendzel Studio’s work, a selection of British brands have also supported the project. Pickleson Paint, a new paint brand based just a stone’s throw from the Town Hall Hotel, to create a range of colours that spoke to the design and local area. You’ll see touches of East End Clay on the walls, an entirely new shade custom made specially for this project, alongside the brand’s Drunk Tahini and Tarte Tan shades. Elsewhere, the suites are complemented by lighting, upholstery and accessories from British brands including A Rum Fellow, Yarn Collective, Hand & Eye Studio, Lights&Lamps and Fariceramics. The crinoid marble used for the kitchen countertops was sourced from Mandel quarry in Derby.  It is the attention to design details with local touches that tell the story, and make the space unique.

Main image credit: Town Hall Hotel / Jan Hendzel Studio