The Bigger the better according to Rosanna Lonsdale

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    Bigger is most definitely better according to Rosanna Lonsdale’s latest collection of large decorative lamps.

    The latest collection of ‘Large Lamps’ from the brand promises to add weight and grandeur to a room, with handmade works of lighting art. The collection which consists of both monochromatic and nature-inspired imagery is sure to subtly grab the attention of all those in its presence.

    “Available with a clear base that gives a much a much more clean-cut contemporary look to a classic design.”

    Rosanna Londsdale designs and hand makes her lamps in London, and still applies the same decoupage techniques used by her acclaimed grandmother, Monica Greig

    Each lamp is handmade in London, through a meticulous process of painting and decorating glass vases from the inside, using the 18th Century technique, Decalcomania.



    Hamish Kilburn / 19.12.2018


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