Telling the theatre story in Leicester Square’s latest hotel

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    Hotel Indigo opens in central London with a vision to reflect the historic patina of a theatre through quality design…

    Nestled in the heart of London’s theatreland district, Hotel Indigo has used the power of surface design to tell the neighbourhood story.

    In collaboration with London-based architectural design practice Michaelis Boyd, specialist surface finishes firm Viero UK used Marmorin Hydro decorative plaster across the 95 rooms and en suite’s. The project featured lime-based plasters with a view to ensuring high durability as well as great textures and effects on the interior walls.

    “We wanted to reflect the distressed walls of old local theatres and to bring some depth to the wall finishes throughout the building,” said architect Pauline Dellemotte.

    The Viero UK team worked on the worked on the narrative brief with six of its skilled craftsmen working tirelessly across the site for a period of 12 months to bring the project from vision to reality. “This was a large-scale project and one we took enormous pride in,” said Viero Managing Director Chris Walters. “We really lived and breathed the project and wanted to show just what was possible using plaster.

    The guestrooms mirror the 1920s glamour of the hotel’s theatrical surroundings. The bespoke rooms have walls adorned by framed scripts, gently spot-lit with stage lights hanging from rigging.

    “We do a lot of work in the hotel industry and this was a particularly exciting project to be involved with, due to it being featured right in the centre of our home city London.”

    Following the completion of the project in April this year, Dellemotte said: “Having worked with Viero UK on previous projects, we were interested to explore possibilities of polished plaster to reflect the historic patina of a theatre.

    “We are very pleased with the result which is elegant and refined. The decorative plasters bring texture and depth to the walls. It is a very rich finish which can tell a story through the different layers of the application.

    “The green and gold plaster in the auditorium bedroom is particularly effective, reflecting the light and creating an atmospheric glimmer effect.”

    Hamish Kilburn / 10.05.2018


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