SPA SPOTLIGHT: How Kaldewei helped Hotel am Meer to create a unique experience

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    As part of Hotel Design’s spotlight this month on spa products and services, we take a look at how the family-run Hotel am Meer is leading the way when it comes to offering wellness and beauty treatments…

    Located on the Baltic island of Rügen, Hotel am Meer has undergone extensive upgrading within the last 12 months, with innovative technology and modern design blending together to create a 21st Century spa experience like no other.

    ‘Meerspa’ offers three unique wellbeing experiences – the Sound Wave bathtub audio system, the Skin Touch cosmetic treatment and Vivo Turbo Plus whirl system, all by premier German bathroom solutions manufacturer Kaldewei.

    Working with Kaldewei, the 4-star hotel can now offer all of its guests a cosmetic bath with a rejuvenating effect while they immerse themselves in their favourite music, or enjoy the benefits of a massage in the whirl bath.

    Speaking the same language

    Owner Wolfgang Schewe made the decision to invest in the innovative technology for the spa treatments after listening to the wishes of his guests and talking to staff. Schewe realised there was less demand for ‘classic’ bath treatments, and more of a requirement for a boutique approach, offering a modern experience and utilising the range of individual pampering treatments now available.

    The ‘Meerspa’ has proved to be an instant success with new and existing customers using the services, according to the hotel, particularly the use of the Kaldewei Skin Touch treatment in a hotel, which is a world-first. During a Skin Touch treatment, the bathwater is enriched with millions of microbubbles of air.

    “Our spa guests particularly like the new Kaldewei Skin Touch system: the microbubbles of air enrich the skin with oxygen, leaving it smooth and supple,” explained Schewe. “Guests really enjoy using this new kind of beauty treatment and appreciate the long-lasting effect of Kaldewei Skin Touch.

    “Our guests are very happy to use this new kind of beauty treatment and particularly appreciate the benefits of Kaldewei Skin Touch,” commented Schewe. “For us too, this investment makes sense because we can offer our guests completely new and attractive treatments, thus recouping a part of our additional costs.”

    Kaldewei are one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, click here.

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