SLEEP + EAT reveals sneak peek of this year’s Sleep Sets

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    The first glimpse of this year’s Sleep Sets for Sleep + Eat have been revealed…

    Sleep + Eat, which takes place at London’s Olympia on November 20 – 21, has unveiled a glimpse of this year’s highly anticipated Sleep Sets. Reflecting recognition of the role Sleep Set plays in moving the design conversation on, the participants are all leaders in their field: luxury hotel and residential designers AB Concept from Asia, international design polymath Yasmine Mahmoudieh, the London studio of the global design firm, HBA, and the UK office of Australian born architects, Denton Corker Marshall. Each team has been brought together in a unique pairing with a much-loved but most definitely non-hotel brand, to create a hotel bedroom. Enter Penguin Books with Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Maison Pierre Hermé Paris and AB Concept, West Ham United Football Club tackled by Denton Corker Marshall, and the Natural History Museum to be explored by HBA London.

    While the final designs are strictly under wraps until the show opens, the teams have now released a taster of what to expect…

    AB Concept x Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

    Ed Ng and Terence Ngan are taking inspiration from FETISH, one of the celebrated French patissier-chocolatier Pierre Hermé’s seasonal collections, to develop the sensual and provocative Fetish Suite – a safe haven for guests to indulge in their guilty pleasures. A space of coquettish hide and reveal, and a sense of voyeurism, will be created through the use of frosted and reflective mirrors and secretive spaces, adding to a tantalising experience as visitors journey through the room.

    “Inspired by lust, seduction and indulgence without inhibitions, our set is a multi-sensory, indulging experience that invites you to come in and find out more”say Ed Ng and Terence Ngan of AB Concept.

    HBA London x Natural History Museum

    Awakening the curious explorer in us all, HBA London will be inviting Sleep + Eat’s visitors to discover the unexpected in the most immediate of surroundings. Stimulated by the beauty of the natural world and the importance of our connection with it through design, the set will encourage the uncovering of treasures, the examination of exciting specimens and the drive to learn.

    “We will be inviting visitors to awaken their inner explorer and discover new meanings in the world that is around us. Ours will be a room for today’s explorers, a space for wandering minds and new insights. We all respond to nature emotionally, intellectually and physically and now, more than ever before, hotel guests are seeking experiences that rejuvenate, inform and remind them of natural wonders,” says Constantina Tsoutsikou, Creative Director of HBA London.

    Denton Corker Marshall x West Ham United Football Club

    Denton Corker Marshall will explore the transition between collective and individual space, while reflecting upon the layers of history and ritual of the club. The concept room will offer both moments to engage and to reflect, creating new personal experiences for each guest.

    Angela Dapper of Denton Corker Marshall says: “To belong to West Ham United is to belong to a community deeply entrenched in history and ritual; a group of unique individuals unified in a collective by moments in time. Whether creating new experiences amongst a crowd or alone at a personal level, each is dependent on the individual”.

    Yasmine Mahmoudieh x Penguin Books

    Inspired by literary themes of happiness, love and wisdom that transcend space and time, Yasmine Mahmoudieh has created a narrative for her Sleep Set based on three different Penguin Books from diverse authors from varying points in history: Plato’s The Symposium, Selected Poems of Rumi, and Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim. Each area within the room set will take its cue from a book, bringing leitmotifs to life and giving thoughtful visual expression to canonical written material.

    “The Sleep Sets are the ultimate in giving design firms free license to be innovative and thoughtful, to reflect an aspect of the world in a hotel room and to nudge the design conversation forward” says Sleep + Eat Brand Director, Mark Gordon. “This year will undoubtedly be exciting – four international practices, each matched with a much-loved non-hotel brand and challenged to translate the essence of their brand into a guestroom. Once again, I’m sure, the Sleep Sets will be a must-see for all our visitors.”

    As part of its evolution this year from Sleep into Sleep + Eat, the event is expanding its immersive offering to include three Eat Sets – a restaurant designed by ECHO Architecture, a café from 3Stories and a nightclub by Shalini Misra.

    Main Image caption: AB Concept teaser landscape

    Hamish Kilburn / 26.09.2018


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