SIRO — shifting the focus in the world of wellness

In collaboration with Kerzner International, SIRO has opened its doors, flexing its muscles with a design spearheaded by LW Design and disrupting the hospitality space with its innovative vision…

guestroom in Siro with white couch and gym equipment on wooden floor

Two years ahead of the highly anticipated launch of One & Only, One Za’abeel, SIRO’s visionaries detected a gap in the industry and developed the world’s inaugural fitness and recovery-themed hotel. The wheels were set in motion and SIRO was destined to redefine the hospitality landscape. Representing the pillars of Strength, Inclusive, Reflection and Originality, SIRO goes beyond a physical place, evoking compelling anticipation for attainable peak health and inspiring fitness and wellness growth for individuals and groups. It reinforces dedication to personal goals while fostering deeper connections through shared passions and lifestyles.

white couch and light wood surfaces in SIRO guestroom

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

The concept is about transcending the ordinary, aiming to spark a fervent community through immersive experiences, interactive spaces and alluring destinations. At its core, SIRO is more than a hotel—it’s an immersive lifestyle destination centered around active recovery, fostering social interaction and connection. Every nook, from guestrooms to studios, pulsates with dynamic and interactive energy, designed to keep guests not just accommodated but relaxed and rejuvenated.

guestroom with punchbag and views over Dubai

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

The SIRO heartbeat echoes through two awe-inspiring floors. Level 30, featuring the ‘Starting Block’, the ‘Fitness Lab’, ‘ Experience Box’ and more, symbolises a commitment to balancing performance fitness and mindful regeneration. Ascend to Level 31, the recovery floor, where calmness prevails in treatment rooms, yoga and pilates studios, and a relaxation area, all with breath-taking views of Dubai. The design meticulously orchestrates a symphony, harmonising dynamic energy with restorative calmness.

wooden sliding door in front of marble kitchen shelf in SIRO guestroom

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

From the very first step into SIRO, guests are captivated by the dynamic artistry of Swiss visionary Roman Bratschi. The lobby discards the conventional front desk for a stone coffee counter, aptly named the ‘Starting Block, fostering spontaneous guest interactions. James Clar’s light installations further set the stage, exploring the nexus of technology and movement, a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to constant transformation.

a corner of a SIRO guestroom with gym equipment and weights

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

The gym areas pulsate with power, adorned with dark finishes, digital screens, mirrored surfaces, and dynamic lighting. The Experience Box, an immersive dark studio, offers a playground for specialised high-intensity workouts. Upon ascending to Level 31, take note of the unique connecting staircase feature. The spiral shape not only serves as a functional element but also mirrors the dynamic energy emanating from Level 30—the designated recovery floor. Within this space, you’ll find a tranquil haven characterized by light plaster walls, timber cladding, and textured fabrics, all coalescing around the staircase to craft a serene atmosphere.

Guestrooms transcend the conventional, becoming sanctuaries for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic city views, while the Gravity chair by Varier and in-room fitness ladder exemplify SIRO’s commitment to holistic wellness. Suites elevate the experience with larger spaces and personalised fitness and recovery offerings, ushering in a new era of customised luxury.

With room sizes ranging from 46-50 square metres for typical rooms, 75  for premium rooms, and 120 square metres for suites, SIRO offers a total of 132 keys across six floors. Contractor Alec Fit Out and designers Pooja Shah-Mulani and Shereen Hassanein contributed their expertise to bring SIRO to life at One Za’abeel, Dubai.

There are two Suite types on offer for guests looking to level up their stay. Both suites offer larger rooms and customisable, personalised fitness and recovery offerings, including sleep-optimising technology and a private treatment room. The fitness suite is tailored to guests looking to supercharge their performance, with a private workout area equipped with the latest fitness gear as well as a suspended boxing bag. Meanwhile the recovery suite prioritises active healing with a low seated dining area and recovery bathtub that looks over stunning skyline views.

Turning the pages of SIRO’s story, we encounter challenges faced and triumphs celebrated. Converting existing One & Only guestroom units into public floors for SIRO presented structural hurdles, met with ingenuity and collaboration with lead architect Nikken Sekkei and WSP, MEP consultants. Reflective finishes and digital screens emerged as creative solutions, resulting in an engaging and bold space.

fitness equipment in Siro with view over Dubai

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

SIRO boasts technical excellence with its state-of-the-art facilities, encompassing 920 square metres of fitness spaces offering skyline views and a 1750 square metre recovery floor dedicated to prehab and rehab. With cutting-edge Technogym equipment and advanced recovery practices, such as Cryo, Red Light and Percussion therapy, SIRO has earned recognition as one of the region’s premier destinations. Beyond its commitment to excellence, SIRO prioritises sustainability, championing environmental responsibility with water stations featuring the HydroTap from Zipwater by Culligan International, effectively minimising single-use plastic consumption.

The crafting of a fresh aesthetic is evident in SIRO’s material and furniture selection, where light finishes, oak timber, black metal detailing and signature green accents harmonise to create a design that is both invigorating and rooted. Renowned furniture brands and wellness-focused pieces seamlessly blend, enriching the overall atmosphere with a sense of sophistication and well-being.

view of lighting and gym equipment in front of floor to ceiling windows over Dubai

Image credit: Natelee Cocks

The concept delivers a digitally integrated platform, transforming hospitality by offering streaming classes workshops and knowledge-sharing events. At the intersection of fitness, mindfulness and wellness, the brand mission is to provide a balanced enterprise experience with in-house specialists, cutting-edge fitness clubs and a Recovery Lab for mindful regeneration. Health and nutrition are paramount, with culinary teams sourcing from local farms, specialists offering nutritional advice and a social bar becoming the heartbeat of the hotel.

The result is an all-encompassing haven, where well-being transcends the physical and mental, inviting guests into a realm of rest, recovery and meaningful connection. SIRO embodies the convergence of hospitality and holistic wellness, rewriting the narrative of guest experience through innovative design, cutting-edge facilities, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. As the well designed doors swing open, a new standard for wellness-oriented hospitality is set on the global stage—a tale of innovation, rejuvenation, and a commitment to a healthier, more vibrant future, inviting guests to embark on a transformative journey towards their best selves.

Main image credit: Natelee Cocks