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    Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer has invested in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and their key collections of Shower Enclosures, Wetrooms, Walk-In Enclosures, Bath Screens and Shower Trays are now available in the BIM format. Roman’s key collections of products can now be downloaded in the BIM format straight from their website in their Downloads and Guides section. Roman understands that information is key in the BIM process and its main objective is to bring further efficiency and significant improvements to the industry. Roman knew they had to be involved with BIM immediately and consequently their products are now easily and readily available in the BIM format to all who require these files.

    What is most important and significant in BIM is that not only does it give a visual representation of the specific product but it also provides their provenance and Standards. The provenance being the manufacturer’s details, such as, the range name, door style and product code and very importantly all relevant Standards, such as EN Standards and CE marking. The inclusion of all these critical details subsequently mean that if the product is substituted for an inferior or non-conformant product in any stage of the design plan this will be highlighted to a client as being non-conformant.

    The introduction of BIM will see many advantages, such as, saving crucial time for all parties, much more accuracy in estimation and very importantly the avoidance of error, alterations and rework due to information loss.

    David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “BIM is taking off at a speed and we knew without delay that we had to have our products available in the BIM format, to ensure that we stay ahead in the industry.”

    Daniel Fountain / 17.11.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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