Peninsula Paris Historic Renovation Breathes New Life Into Parisian Artisans

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    The full-scale restoration of The Peninsula Paris has provided many specialised artisans the opportunity to showcase their intricate skills at the grandest of levels.

    Although specialised and unique trades in the design and renovation industry are in decline, the craftmen have been in instrumental in transforming The Peninsula Paris into a modern day Palace.

    Following the recent opening of its first European property in Paris, The Peninsula Hotels releases a mini documentary focusing on the extensive renovation and restoration process.

    The mini documentary reveals extra insights and behind-the-scenes interviews with expert craftsmen and artisans involved in bringing this extraordinary and unique hotel to life.

    The century-old classic building, first opened as the Hotel Majestic in 1908, has been meticulously restored and modernised to create the latest example of Peninsula excellence.

    With interiors designed by Henry Leung of Hong Kong-based Chhada Siembieda & Associates Ltd and the architectural restoration spearheaded by Richard Martinet of Affine architecture & interior design, the building has been meticulously restored by teams of French master craftsmen, utilising traditional techniques in use for hundreds of years with the aim of preserving the heritage, authenticity and spirit of the building.

    Daniel Fountain / 16.11.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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