Quietroom: “Construction errors costing hotels millions”

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    The property sector is short-changing itself in the development and construction of hotels. Owners, developers and investors should look beyond traditional procedures.

    If you want to build good hotels which will achieve high profitability, you have to provide comfort and quiet hotel rooms. That is the opinion of the Quietroom Foundation.

    President Lucas Keizer of the Foundation: “In the coming years, more and more vacant office buildings will be converted into hotels. In Amsterdam alone there is room for more than 100 hotels. But please make sure they are good hotels and take insulation and sound proofing standards into account when you convert a building into a hotel. At present, this is often overlooked.

    The Quietroom Foundation stimulates the world wide development of quieter hotel rooms and has created the Quietroom label. Experience tells us that hotel guests who book a room which is really quiet will give the hotel a higher rating. Which obviously is important for the hotel’s reputation and performance in the long run. The recently opened Ramada Hotel in Amsterdam is a good example of this. It used to be an old office building which has been re-developed into a hotel and 434 of its rooms have qualified for the Quietroom label. The owners have consciously chosen to invest in quality and expect to fully recover their investment.”

    Amsterdam has 10 hotels which have really quiet rooms. The number for the whole of Europe is 140.

    Daniel Fountain / 20.04.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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