PRODUCT REVIEW: Sir-Pent by Adrenalina at Contract Furniture Store

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    Hotel Designs reviews the latest piece of furniture, Sir-Pent, from Contract Furniture Store

    Functional, quirky, and certainly different, the sinuous and stealthy Sir-Pent, designed by Andrea Stramigioli from Adrenalina, stretches, shrinks, winds and branches out to fit into any interior design space.

    It seems as if nothing is an obstacle for Sir-Pent, a large modular seating system that starts from a basic set of five modules plus an all-rounder element that facilitates the flow of any combination, be it linear or articulated into soft islands.


    Complete with USB and wireless charger as well as plug sockets (UK, USA and EU), the Sir-Pent is ideal for lobby areas. The durable piece of furniture is available in a number of fabrics and is built with a plywood frame. Designed for the modern hotel in mind, the product can be easily adapted to fit into a variety of spaces with magnetic connections and quick releases.

    J Module of SerPent

    Create inspirational spaces with furniture fit for the digital age with Sir-Pent. For more information on the product, click here.

    Hamish Kilburn / 06.07.2018


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