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    When mono colours are interrupted with the static of black the result is Pixel, the latest loop pile broadloom carpet from Lano Flooring Solutions. Ideal for hospitality and commercial environments where the ability to disguise dirt and wear well are asked of any carpet, Pixel is available in 16 shades ranging from grey through to vivid orange, red and green.

    The clever design of Pixel gives specifiers and designers the opportunity to work with a dominant and solo colour to complement the interior scheme without worrying about the appearance of dirt and stains – a problem with any plain colour carpet. The ‘static’ like quality of Pixel will noticeably reduce the appearance of dirt between cleans.

    Constructed from 100% polyamide, the 1/10th gauge carpet is also extremely hardwearing with a Heavy Commercial (Class 33) rating. Pixel also achieves GUT certification and meets the latest stringent emissions and chemicals legislation.

    For further information on all Lano carpet ranges, freephone 00800 5266 5266 or e-mail marketing@lano.com

    Daniel Fountain / 18.05.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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