OroNero at JW Marriott Absheron Baku, Azerbaijan

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    The latest creation by Blue Sky Hospitality at the JW Marriott Absheron Baku, Azerbaijan is OroNero; a bar & restaurant inspired by the mineral wealth of Azerbaijan.
    Lounge featuring “Window Grazers”; two dozen life-size black rabbits scattered around the space, also doubling up as side lamps.

    Similarly styled to a high-fashion private jet, the OroNero lounge exudes the essence of the Italian luxury industries – the couture, jewellery, artisan furniture and fine wines – all blended with a theatrical approach to interior design which has become so synonymous with Henry Chebaane, the French-born celebrated London artist, designer and founder of Blue Sky Hospitality. Gold buffalo leather panels, pink gold snake upholstery, black leather seats and intricate fretwork panels in ebonised timber are just a few highlights from the lounge area.

    The restaurant features an innovative take on the show kitchen idea as the cooking area is encased in a translucent golden mosaic screen so only the shadows of the chefs working behind it can be seen by diners.

    Restaurant with “EVOO (Extra Volatile Organic Object)”; an installation of mouth-blown drop-shaped glass bottles, some filled with extra virgin oil and others with crude oil: a double entendre on the volatility and interconnection of international commodity markets.

    Bespoke timber flooring, created by Blue Sky Hospitality specifically for the restaurant, is an unusual amber colour with black veins which complements the similarly bespoke wool carpet. As a piece of conceptual art, the carpet references the Italian food scene with splashes of coffee, Prosecco, olive oil and fine Balsamico.

    Henry Chebaane always include conceptual art installations in his projects so that the space delivers more than aesthetic satisfaction and pleasurable comfort but also ask philosophical questions and engage the imagination of the public (see photos captions for more details).

    OroNero restaurant entrance with “Gold Diggers”; a dozen large ravens that are golden instead of black, checking the entrance door

    Daniel Fountain / 17.08.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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