New white seal ring ensures Geberit Mapress remains the leak-free choice

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    With Geberit’s Mapress being the market-leading pressfitting system for pipework, the manufacturer has made changes to the seal rings, with the introduction of a white seal ring suitable for saturated steam installations combined with Geberit Mapress stainless steel.The seal is an integral part of the Geberit Mapress system and the new white FKM seal ring is suitable for cyclical saturated steam and is capable of withstanding high temperatures, ensuring the pipes remain leak-free throughout.

    All pressfittings are equipped with a seal ring and pushed over the pipe ends before being pressed with a special tool. Both the fitting and the pipe take on the same shape when pressed, achieving the necessary mechanical stability for the connection. The seal ring in the flange-shaped end of the pressfitting is also shaped, meaning that the connection is permanently tight. The Geberit Mapress system includes different, application specific seal rings which are colour-coded for ease of identification.

    A key benefit of the Geberit Mapress systems is that the fittings are designed so that any connections not pressed during installation are automatically detectable during the leak test, providing the installer with a fail-safe method of checking for unpressed joints.

    Daniel Fountain / 06.06.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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