Are we seeing an Art Deco renaissance?

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    We have seen something of a revival in the golden age of Art Deco design. Building on this influence, the Newmor Studio is introducing their interpretation in six elegant and contemporary custom designs which can be recoloured, rescaled, and printed to any of our wallcoverings.

    Deco Block

    Packing a real punch, this adaptable design works across commercial sectors, whether its hospitality or office, geometrics that echo design provenance are sure to rule.

    Deco Arches

    Classically deco, this pattern arches over retro and contemporary design, equally suitable as a feature wall in a country hotel or urban coffee shop.

    Marble Tiles

    A wonderfully versatile geometric interlaid with a subtle marble effect. Recolorations change the whole ambience of the design space.

    Concrete Tiles

    A tile effect with a difference, intricate hexagonal tiles distinctly placed on concreate textured effect, creates a combination of raw and refined surfaces.


    Toby Cruse / 16.03.2018


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