Miniview: Finca la Gloria – connecting guests with the heart of Andalucia

The newly opened Finca la Gloria offers a transformative retreat that combines traditional Spanish farmhouse accommodation with a profound commitment to ecological stewardship…

andalucian style interior guestroom with four poster bed and freestanding bath in finca la gloria

Encapsulating hotel design trends that are focussing on the experience as much as the design, this boutique accommodation and permaculture estate offers guests a retreat from the everyday. Finca la Gloria, a traditional Spanish farmhouse, has long been held by the Fábrega-Garavilla family and now welcomes guests to champion a lifestyle deeply rooted in sustainable and mindful living.

andalucian mountain view from the hotel Finca la Gloria

Image credit: Finca la Gloria

“Our vision is to expand on the profound connection with nature experienced by our guests while enhancing their sense of self and community,” expanded Daniel Fábrega, Co-Owner, Finca la Gloria.

At the centre of the property sits a U-shaped, whitewashed farmhouse from the 1930s, encircling a stone courtyard graced with an elegant fountain. Surrounding the farmhouse, a verdant expanse unfolds, featuring curated permaculture fields and a greenhouse that blur the lines between agriculture and natural wilderness. These fields boast organic crops, providing both sustenance and visual greenery.

A solar-heated pool, encased in native stone, offers a tranquil escape under the Andalusian sun. Nearby, ancient wild olive trees cast their shade over elegant loungers, creating secluded nooks for relaxation and contemplation. Throughout the property, natural outdoor yoga platforms can be found.

As evening falls, the property transforms into a vibrant gathering place. The communal al fresco dining area encourages shared meals among guests. The nearby natural pond reflects the changing skies, and in the distance, the lights of the historic mountain town of Jimena de la Frontera frame the picture.

four poster bed under a beamed ceiling in a traditional spanish finca boutique hotel

Image credit: Finca la Gloria

Under the brown-tiled roof of the farmstead, unfolds an interior that mirrors the essence of a family home now reimagined as an intimate boutique hotel. “Creating these rooms, each with its own unique character, is like crafting individual sanctuaries, continued Fabrega, sharing his vision for the guest experience. “It’s our way of inviting guests into their own private space where they can feel truly at home. To me, it means giving a piece of our world, shaped with care and love, hoping it becomes a part of their cherished memories.”

The heart of this transformation is the main living area, a space infused with familial warmth and eclectic charm. Here, a comfortable lounge area, a formal dining space and a pool table create a central hub for relaxation and social interaction, set against a backdrop of colourful artworks and a diverse mix of antique furnishings.

The eclectic atmosphere extends to the five uniquely themed guest rooms: Olea Europaea, Magnolia, Phoenix Canariensis, Jacaranda and Persea Americana. Each room blends rural comfort with unassuming luxury, offering distinctive layouts, generous ceiling heights and unique views that underscore the villa’s theme of familiar yet sophisticated rural living.

traditional portrait above a vintage desk with an art deco spanish design lamp

Image credit: Finca la Gloria

Permaculture is a guiding philosophy that permeates every aspect of the estate. Oscar Garavilla, Co-Owner and a trained permaculture farmer, encapsulates this approach: “Permaculture is about cultivating life in all its forms and ensuring that we leave the land better than we found it. Through our cultivation of native plants and organic vegetables, we not only enrich the soil but also provide our guests and local community with nutritious, sustainable food. This isn’t just for today; it’s about building a foundation that will support generations to come. Every plant we grow is a step towards a more resilient and thriving ecosystem for our region.”

view through an old wooden door into the hotel courtyard

Image credit: Finca la Gloria

The estate’s commitment to permaculture is exemplified through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme, which strengthens the bond between the farm and the local community. Members invest in the farm’s output ahead of the season and receive weekly or biweekly shares of fresh, organically grown produce, sharing the risks and rewards of sustainable farming. Additionally, Finca la Gloria engages in a variety of ecological initiatives designed to enhance biodiversity and ecological health. Through farm tours, volunteer programmes and partnerships with local schools, Finca la Gloria provides hands-on learning experiences about sustainable living and ecological responsibility.

evening lights on the outdoor terrace and dining area at Finca la Gloria

Image credit: Finca la Gloria

In addition,Finca la Gloria offers guests a diverse array of activities that promote a deeper connection to nature and personal well-being. “At Finca la Gloria, our retreats and courses are crafted to sync with the earth’s natural cycles,” explained Elena de Medina, the property’s Wellness Director, detailing the estate’s approach. “We offer our guests a path to realign with nature, achieve personal balance and gain a renewed sense of clarity.”

Guests can partake in yoga retreats and permaculture courses. Gourmet cooking classes, led by the kitchen team, use fresh, organic ingredients sourced directly from the estate to embody a farm-to-table philosophy. The estate also serves as a picturesque venue for special events, including weddings and corporate gatherings and photo shoots.

Main image credit: Finca la Gloria