Maximalist, revival, nomadic and haven are the four interior design trends gathering pace

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    Whether or not you’ve heard of the interior design trends in our title, it’s time to get on board with the new colours, shapes and textures that’ll be guiding interior designers this season.

    One of the fastest entry points to new trends are industry suppliers Style Library Contract, who have been guided by the newest work of their producers to name-check the top four trends for SS18. Here’s what we made of them.


    Inspired by the pronounced shapes and enlivened colours of the Art Deco movement, maximalist is all about making a statement. It’s about print and upholstered fabrics, and the designers at the helm include Anthology, who have launched bold nine-wide-width wallcoverings in 42 different colours. The brand’s new range of velvets, for upholstery or drapes, are equally powerful and attention-grabbing.


    There seems to be no slowing the pace and impact of The Roaring Twenties on the design world. Years after it became re-glam, the 1920s are still soaring in popularity. Similar to Maximalist, Revival is concerned with excess. The cocktail chair is in. Try Zoffany’s The Muse, a chair which combines a modernist aesthetic with contrasting colour. Rich gold, emerald green and the chair itself, a sort of powder pink light purple crossover.


    This is about representing your travels at home, but with subtlety. Treat interior design like food, by giving a twist to the statement styles of other cultures. SLC’s in-house lighting design features are this year inspired by travels to South America. Full of the vibrancy of the Amazon rainforest, they say: “The collection exudes the energy of a tropical setting whilst highlighting the delicate nature of forest flora and fauna, showcasing sophisticated and dramatic depictions.”


    This trend is about the harmony of the seaside, particularly, the concept of where the sea meets the land. Stepping out of our frenetic lives and into a haven has an almost childlike quality, and Sanderson’s Embleton Bay collection is a series of hand-drawn sketches which capture the joy of a life without stresses. Distinctly British, the works take a literal stance too, with depictions of speckled eggs, hares, dragonflies and puffins.

    Style Library Contract are suppliers of innovative fabric, wallpaper and trimmings, and have a bespoke service

    Adam Bloodworth / 02.02.2018


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