LIVE FROM HOTELYMPIA 2018: What to spot on the showfloor

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    The country’s biggest and boldest event for Hoteliers is back this week, from Monday March 5 to Thursday March 8 at the massive ExCeL London, and there’s plenty to see and find across the showfloor. A goliath event made up of four hotel shows; The Professional Kitchen Show; Hospitality Tech Show; The Foodservice Show and The Interiors & Tableware Show (where you’ll find our team at Booth 2859), there’s a huge range of brand new products launching here this week, and here are some of the highlights to keep an eye out for during Hotelympia.

    The Professional Kitchen Show
    WashSmart App by Hobart Warewash, Stand 1350
    This new app by Hobart will let operators take control of multiple kitchen appliances at once, with a simple touch of a phone or tablet device. Levels of detergent and water can be monitored in real time to determine your operating costs, while new parts and consumables can be ordered straight from the app.

    Mareno iChef by Grande Cuisine, Stand 1440
    Touted as the true kitchen of the future, the iChef is the first fully-touchscreen-enabled kitchen space. Regulating usage and offering a simple control scheme, the iChef is expected to deliver energy savings of up to 40% through its Power Guardian technology.

    Carpigiani 161, Stand 1910
    Set to maximise profits for coffee shops and smaller restaurant areas, the Capigiani 161 series is a unique 300mm x 630mm x 850mm ice cream machine, capable of an impressive 42-day cleaning cycle.

    Hoshizaki Snowflake Gen II Drawer Unit, Stand 1630
    The new undercounter refrigeration unit by Hoshizaki UK is capable of operating among temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celcius without taking up the space required by many of equivalent products.

    Procusini’s 3D Food Printing System 3.0, Stand 2018
    A fitting stand number for a very on-trend system, the world’s first universal plug-and-play food printer can create personalised products using a variety of ingredients, from cheese and chocolate to pasta and beyond.

    The Foodservice Show
    The Sauce collection by Essential Cuisine, Stand 3840
    Launching two classic sauce flavours for the visitors this week, the brand new lines are expected to provide serious profits, as they have an upsell value of more than £55 per jar.

    Pagan Potions, Stand 3601
    Boasting the best Bloody Mary on the market today, the high quality ingredients are expected to set your tastebuds alight on the showfloor… maybe it’s best to wait until the afternoon to give it a try, however.

    Sleep Well, Stand 3455
    These milk-based organic drinks are expected to sweep the hotel industry over the next few years, offering ‘sip & sleep’ cartons for vending machines, minibars and in-flight services. A natural solution to getting to bed at night, it’s expected to do well amongst business travellers.

    Kettle Bites Sweet Chilli Quinoa Curls, Stand 3360
    Iconic brand Kettle Foods are launching a healthier option to their standard chips, without having to substitute the flavour or iconic crunch that comes with Kettle. Probably good to investigate before the lunchtime rush.

    Chief Chocolate Officer, Stand 4010
    A new chocolate bar by The Wine Bar is being described as the perfect paring for wine. Supplying six flavours to pair with the likes of a nice Sauvignon Blanc or a rich Malbec, the flavours include pear and elderflower.

    Hospitality Tech Show
    QuantumTM Pixel from Dormakaba, Stand 3211

    The latest in Bluetooth locking technology, guests will be able to use their phone to gain access to their rooms. Developed to work alongside Domakaba’s electronic locks, the system aims to achieve security with elegance and finesse.

    Corkscrew by Ordamo, Stand 3328
    This app wants to be the Sommelier in your pocket, revolutionising the way guests interact with wine by recommending the perfect accompaniment to dishes. Also taking into account price ranges, the app is able to view live wine lists from local supermarkets and restaurants to make the best possible choice.

    Waste Master by Ecowastemaster, Stand 3040a
    Using unique proprietary technology, the Waste Master will accelerate the decomposition of food waste without any additional additives and without unpleasant odours. Turning waste into a compost-like substance, it’s set to totally change the way we view waste materials.

    EazyCharge, Stand 3144
    Providing businesses with low-cost wireless charging solutions to shops, hotels and restaurants.

    Mintfinity, Stand 3040g
    Printing bespoke vouchers for hospitality outlets to give away with the bill, diners can upload the cheque-like voucher online to offer continued offers and exclusives to happy customers.

    Interiors & Tableware Show
    Copper Coated Cutlery by Amefa, Stand 2304
    Combining durability and style, this highly on-trend cutlery will set tables apart without breaking the bank.

    The Mixology Collection by Luigi Bormioli/Artis, Stand 2420
    Vintage is back with these crystal glassware by Luigi Bormioli. Crafted to optimise drink preparation as well as a gorgeous classical presentation, the glass will maintain its transparency after 4,000 dishwasher cycles.

    Stalwart Crafts Deluxe Leather Aprons, Stand 2857
    Ultra-soft leather with a coating layer makes these stylish aprons easy to wash again and again, with oil dripping off without leaving a mark.

    Bodyverde Speed Shave by Mahi Naturals, Stand 2234
    The all-in-one travel razoe with a rinse free shave lotion inside the handle itself. No water, no fuss, the face-and-body unisex razor will be a big hit amongst business travellers and holidaygoers alike.

    Equillibrium Kitchen Knife by Grunwerg, Stand 2930
    Perfectly balanced Chefs’ knives, these blades are made from ice-hardened German steel and curved handles to create a knife with lasting sharpness.

    Toby Cruse / 05.03.2018


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