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    A magnificent array of carpets from Lano Flooring Solutions now graces the floors of Lensbury, a luxurious four star hotel resort and conference centre in Teddington, Middlesex. Lensbury chose an impressive 6,250m² of bespoke carpet from the Lano Flooring Solutions collection to complement existing décor in both the hotel and conference areas. The new carpets also add to the existing products from Lano Flooring Solutions that have been utilised at the hotel as recently as earlier this year, cementing the strong working relationship between both parties.

    As Ivor Turner, senior general manager, Lensbury, explains, “We have had fantastic results in the past when using carpeting by Lano Flooring Solutions, so it is no surprise that we have again turned to the team to provide us with stylish designs for a variety of locations within the venue. Carpets from Lano Flooring Solutions perform extremely well and are able to withstand heavy footfall while still providing a stunning aesthetic, and this design quality is something that is very important to us.”

    London-based firm RDD Design specified 250m² of carpet for the executive wing corridors, designing acontemporary oversized floral printwith flecks of lime green and red petals upon a warm beige striped background.RDD Design also chose 450m² of custom-designed tufted carpet weighing 1,100g/m² from Lano Flooring Solutions’ Suite collection for the executive bedrooms, featuring a camel-coloured striped pattern to provide a contrast to the vibrant soft furnishings in the plush rooms and to offer supreme underfoot comfort for guests.

    Specified by the Lensbury facilities management team, 650m2 of nine rowthree-ply axminster carpet weighing 1,460g/m² and featuring a delicate bordered scroll pattern in cream and black covers the hotel’s main corridors, reception and staircases. A further 600m2of this design without borders adorns corridors throughout the hotel for a seamless, flowing look.

    The sports bar is now home to 300m2 of hardwearing 11 row three-ply axminster carpet weighing 1,780g/m². A one-of-a-kind pattern inspired by Lano Flooring Solutions’ extensive design library, the rich red carpet features geometric style brown and white squares arranged in an attractive diagonal configuration.

    4,000m² of 11 row three-ply axminster carpet from Lano Flooring Solutions’ standard collection has been installed in the conference centre, with Lensbury increasing the quality from nine row to 11 row to meet the demands of this exceptionally busy location. Resilient and robust, the new carpet features a small circular design upon a dark background that matches the existing conference furniture perfectly.

    As Ivor Turner continues, “We are extremely pleased with the quality of the new carpets from Lano Flooring Solutions, and each design has freshened up our interior. The floral design in the upstairs corridors adds a modern twist to our period 1930s architecture, and the traditional scroll pattern in the public areas downstairs fits perfectly with the wood wall panelling and dark soft furnishings. Most importantly, all carpets from Lano Flooring Solutions offer exceptional colour clarity combined with superb resilience to ensure fantastic performance and lasting good looks.”

    Lensbury has 171 bedrooms and 30 conference rooms, extensive sporting facilities and beautiful grounds, making it the location of choice for a variety of business and leisure visitors.

    For further information on all Lano carpet ranges, freephone 00800 5266 5266 or visit

    Daniel Fountain / 10.09.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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