Is this what the next generation of luxury cabins looks like?

Thinking outside the box, design studio Aylott + Van Tromp has developed Nokken as the ‘next generation’ cabin and benchmark within the wellness retreat industry…

exterior of Nokken cabin by Aylott Van Tromp, in a field

Making itself known as a true gamechanger in the rapidly expanding modular cabin market, Nokken by Aylott + Van Tromp provides a full turnkey cabin solution alongside a host of business supporting elements that cater to all hospitality operators, whether a fledgling start-up, experienced operator or existing multinational. Claiming to be the world’s most adaptable modular cabin ecosystem, it has been purposely designed to offer the most efficient and economic platform possible for hotel operators and landowners to start or diversify a retreat hospitality offering.

view from exterior through windows to interior of Nokken cabin

Image credit: Aylott + Van Tromp

Aylott + Van Tromp believes that modern hospitality is not just about nice design or a great location – guest experience and satisfaction play a huge part. Drawing upon decades of experience as hospitality designers has allowed the designers to tap into their existing network of management services, marketing elements and strategic partners to offer prospective operators the tools needed to propel the business on a clear path to success. Working with a diverse range of specialist partners, the Nokken Business Platform provides access to operationally ready property management systems and full tech integrations. These include remote door access, digital check-in, cloud-based property management systems, off-grid digital powering solutions and even e-bike rental integration.

“We believe this makes Nokken a fully rounded response to what operators actually need today and what sets it apart from all other offerings currently on the market,” said Nathan Aylott, Nokken Co-Founder. “Nokken is a whole ecosystem, helping business bloom within the burgeoning retreat sector of the hospitality industry. Whether a single unit acting as a work-life hybrid, or a whole village community focused around hospitality or wellbeing, the Nokken cabin platform creates the possibility to provide a relaxed place to live, work and socialise with like-minded people while getting connected with nature.”

Nokken cabin in olive grove by Aylott Van Tromp, Mediterranean Edition

Image credit: Aylott + Van Tromp

Adaptability and scalability are the key to outdoor hospitality. No sites are, or should be, the same as that is what makes every experience so individual. With this in mind, the cabin design couples consistency of experience and finishes with creativity of layouts. By keeping the architectural volume simple, operators are able to customise, join, stack or stitch varying Nokken units together to create a unique solution to each setting. Developers can begin small with a handful of units, then scale up as a project progresses. Units can even be stacked vertically to accommodate sites with restrictive physical footprints.

“Nokken cabins are ‘Swiss army knives’, combining everything you need and nothing you don’t.” – James Van Tromp, Nokken Co-Founder.

The exterior of the Nokken cabin has been created to be tough, functional and adaptable. Being able to perform in both freezing cold climates and boiling hot ones is no easy feat, but Aylott + Van Tromp invested months of research into the cabin’s thermal properties and breathability ratings, which have been achieved using ecowool and wood pulp layering. Working in tandem with the dark stained larch cladding, the Nokken signature perforated metalwork provides the cabin with a distinctive modern and minimalist look. Over time the perforated nature of the steel will allow for plants to grow upwards, truly integrating the unit into the landscape.

back of two curved wooden chairs looking out of the window of the Nokken cabin

Image credit: Aylott + Van Tromp

The cabin interiors have been inspired by the essence of the outdoors, which purposely reinforces a sense of escapism and a greater connection and emphasis to the landscape. With the interiors clad in wood the overall feeling is soft, welcoming and embracing, complimented by matching joinery and zonal lighting. The modern bathrooms complete the interior spaces by providing a sanctuary that would not be out of place in the finest boutique hotel.

two chairs on deck with seaview from the Nokken cabin Mediterranean Edition

Image credit: Nokken

Each cabin is individually crafted by skilled modular experts with every aspect carefully curated, constructed and detailed using honest, eco-focused and premium materials. Each unit is delivered to its destination on the back of a low-loader in one single piece, allowing the cabin to be positioned almost anywhere. Once secured, services are simply plugged into the outlet in the base of the unit and the site is ready to go.

Main image credit: Aylott + Van Tromp