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    Paintfinity – the sustainable paint tailored to the contract interiors market from a certified Carbon Neutral company.

    Sustainability is a big buzz word right now and using products which are sustainably sourced is of paramount importance. As a result, businesses are now required to become much more transparent about their environmental practices and think of innovative ways to support the world in which we live.


    Paintfinity takes environmental sustainability seriously across every element of its business, allowing their customers to use less of the world’s resources whilst being confident in a high quality, durable product.

    Not only are their products environmentally friendly they are also virtually odourless, are 100% water based pure acrylic and include no solvents or oils.

    Chris Davies, Managing Director of Paintfinity says, “For many years working as a chartered building surveyor I had been concerned with the levels of waste and pollutants produced by the building sector in the UK. However, because of my background, producing a product that was less harmful to the environment was not enough, it had to out-perform non-green products, respond to the demands of the toughest environments and it had to use less resources to do so.

    Four years ago we developed a unique range of highly performing, sustainable paint products aimed specifically at the contract market and launched Paintfinity in 2014. We now sell to many of the leading hotels in the UK, including The Dorchester, Savoy, Hilton Group, Principal Hotel Company and De Vere Hotels to name but a few.”

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    Katy Phillips / 25.04.2018



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