How to use 2018’s Dulux Colour of the Year

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    Chris Johnson, design services manager at Beacon Design Services (BDS), discusses this year’s Dulux Colour of the Year, Heart Wood, how it is having an influence and tips on using the colour in the hospitality industry.

    “2018 is looking to be extremely uncertain in many ways, and with an unpredictable year ahead, a colour that contrasted from this environment was desired. The panel wanted to pull together a palette of comfortable, relaxing colours – where people can feel they can shut the front door, press pause and have a place of peace,” said Chris Johnson, design services manager at Beacon Design Services.

    “This is why Heart Wood and the colour palette that accompanies it, was chosen. There are a lot of softer shades, however deeper, dramatic inky blues and purples also feature. It doesn’t go too far from Denim Drift, 2017’s shade, but with a warmer palette, to ensure a calmer feel.”

    BDS is already seeing this colour implemented across the hospitality industry; Chris discusses a recent case with a client.

    “I suggested Heart Wood the very day after it was announced to the Best Western Royal Clifton Hotel & Spa and they loved it. They have so far completed a sample room using this colour as a feature wall,” Johnson added.

    “This warm, welcoming colour has been incorporated into a mulberry and mocha colour scheme using faux leathers, luxurious velvets and textured woven fabrics. The idea behind this was to create a feeling of cosiness in the superior rooms, with their high ceilings and large footprint, and this has been achieved.”

    The colour satisfies the ‘home away from home’ trend many guests are now requesting. Chris gives his tips on incorporating the colour of the year.

    “Trends come and go, but it is important to consider industry announcements such as this to ensure you don’t become out-dated in your décor,” Johnson commented.

    “There are simple ways you can incorporate new colours such at this, in a cost-effective way. This can be done through a feature wall, as it was at the Best Western Royal Clifton, or through cushions and fabrics – a splash of Heart Wood can add a welcoming atmosphere to hotels and restaurants wanting to avoid a cold feeling.”

    Daniel Fountain / 09.01.2018

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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