Industry insight: “Vital services add value to industry recovery”

    Häfele UK hotel room
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    Industry insight: “Vital services add value to industry recovery”

    While the hotel sector is in the midst of a defining era, Paul Smith, Head of Specification Sales at Häfele UK, believes that economic instability, pandemic recovery and tighter budgets are driving great change…

    Häfele UK hotel room

    Due to recent cultural shifts and strains, operators are creating lean, agile business models that ensure customers receive the same high levels of service they expect, but with more efficient processes in place.

    Jobs that have been preserved during the last two years of turbulence will, inevitably, be stretched to cover different roles within a hotel. And as a result, many operators are implementing technology and using their trusted suppliers to help attract customers through their doors.

    Thankfully, there is a wealth of products that work in a complementary fashion to make the experience of staying in a hotel a personal, tailor-made and technologically advanced experience.

    For example, access control systems like Dialock enable a guest to check in and out at their convenience, gain access to a building’s facilities and secure items within furniture in their room, using approved third party apps such as Hotelbird. It works seamlessly in connection with lighting systems like Loox, which are triggered to come on once a user gains entry to their room and can be adapted – in both colour and intensity – to suit the guest’s mood and need.

    Meanwhile, sliding doors can be tailored to open at the touch of a button on a smartphone to provide a guest access to different rooms and amenities within a space. Operators can programme their own level of access, enabling them to maintain control over spaces that are prohibited from public access. These activities require less staff intervention and therefore save teams time, which can be put to greater use.

    However, bringing all these systems together under one roof requires an expert eye; the knowledge of a team that understands your building type, function and who will use it, all while ensuring you remain compliant with building and construction industry standards and regulations.

    Häfele’s team of specification experts work closely with architects, contractors and hotel operators, helping to bring their ambitions to life. Whether it’s a refit of an outdated scheme, which aims to make long term time and cost savings, or a new development set across multiple locations over several years, we’ll embed ourselves to your vision and recommend the best products and services for your needs.

    The 150+ years of experience in our Projects team means we know what can be put into a space to make it more functional. After listening to and understanding your brief, our specification team will provide a specification schedule, which is tailored around you and easy to follow. The functionality of your space will be prioritised; it’ll be compliant to all relevant regulations, your fire safety strategy, accessibility and egress.

    We’ll supply CAD drawings, images and BIM assets where available to your design team to help them bring together each of our different systems – Dialock, Loox, sliding door gear, architectural hardware and more – to one complementary scheme. Once all parties are happy, we’ll then introduce additional, valued services to continue making the process streamlined and cost-effective. Häfele to Order, for example, was created to save time, minimise ordering errors, and improve efficiency on-site and during the installation process of lots of our products. All your components can be specified to exact size, quantity and finish, which are then cut, assembled, packaged, labelled and delivered to your specific requirements.

    From minimalist design schemes to luxe fit outs, and from boutique, independent facilities to mass market settings which must be consistent in their look and feel, our service provision is built on our experience within the industry and the close relationships we hold with those working on hospitality and leisure projects every day. Our packages of assistance are designed to support every level of the supply chain, from the architect at initial consultation and design phase, to the installer delivering the fit out and, ultimately, the hotel operator who benefits from their space being a functional, effective place to work and reside. We’re here to be a part of everyone’s team, to ensure your refit or fit out achieves everything it needs to.

    Häfele UK is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 20.09.2021


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