IHS Live 2017: Seminar programme highlights

    Ahead of the Independent Hotel Show in October, Hotel Designs caught up with the event director Miranda Martin to get her thoughts on this year's edition...
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    Independent Hotel Show has built up a reputation for offering high-quality, focussed and insightful seminars during the two days of the event. This year’s edition has been no different.

    Hotel Designs picks out the highlights from Tuesday and Wednesday’s programme…

    UK Independent Hotels
    This ‘state of the industry’ address featured vital intel on the health of the hospitality sector right now.

    Thought Leader Forum
    George Titlow hosted a panel featuring some of the finest hospitality minds, as they interpreted the over-arching trends from the show’s in-house expert’s landmark presentation. 

    Power Couples: Owners and Operators
    Owners aren’t always operators – too many hotel success stories include a driven, savvy entrepreneur working alongside an experienced hospitality professional. 

    I’m With the Brands: Partnerships
    ‘Brand partnerships’ – that’s shrewd hook-ups with other like-minded businesses are an excellent way to accelerate the growth of your brand identity.

    The Guest Journey: Stairways to Heaven
    The ‘guest journey’ refers to your customers’ sensory experience, and its consistent presence during their stay from the satisfying crunch of the gravel on the driveway to the cosy glow of the bedside…

    Oh! What a Lovely Brexit!
    Tourism is one British industry that actually could benefit from the infamous referendum result and with hotel bookings from abroad up, it actually already is. 

    The New Era of F&B
    Formal hotel dining is a thing of the past, and while Britain may be leaving the EU cosmopolitan, continental dining habits will thankfully be sticking around.

    Instagram 1.01
    The hot photo-sharing application is considered the lifestyle sector’s most powerful social media tool. But it can be harder to have a ‘lit feed’ than it first appears…

    Daniel Fountain / 18.10.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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