IHG looking for sites for Hotel Indigo in Australia

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    IHG is looking for suitable sites in Sydney and Melbourne for its Hotel Indigo brand.

    Bruce Ryde, IHG’s Asia, Middle East and Africa head of luxury and lifestyle brand marketing, said: “We feel the brand will resonate in Australia as it is a mature market and travellers are always looking for a new experience. The Indigo brand would, we feel, work well in places like Surry Hills and the eastern suburbs and we are keen to be there sooner rather than later.”

    IHG launched its first Indigo in the Asia Pacific region in January last year with the Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road and the second in July this year with the opening of Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong. Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach will open in late 2016.

    “Guest reaction is now immediate, so as hoteliers we must offer a point of difference, which is the aim of the Indigo brand,” said Ryde. “Each Hotel Indigo property is distinct, with no two alike, as each is designed to reflect the local culture, character and history of its surrounding area. From the service to the architecture to the cuisine, all Indigo properties evoke the unique tastes and cultures that make up the communities of the neighbourhood in which they are located.”

    Daniel Fountain / 26.09.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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