How to clean light fixtures and shades

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    For many interior designers, keeping expensive lights and shades clean can prove to be a tricky process.

    To help combat this, Delightfull has complied a list of tips on how to keep your light fixtures clean and tidy.


    Before you start to clean, unplug the light from its power source. Unscrew any articulations and take off any light bulbs.

    Iron, aluminium and copper:

    The best way to clean lamps that are made of iron, aluminium or copper is by using a clean soft cloth and wipe the lamp clean. Lamps with a solid metal base can also be polished using lemon oil. The best tip is to be careful when wiping the lamp, always using gentle motions.


    Brass bases are lacquered to prevent tarnishing, which means that using a brass cleaner isn’t usually necessary. To maintain the finish, you can use a clean and soft cloth to wipe your lamp down. This will ensure you will have a shiny and clean lamp at all times.

    Lacquered colours:

    In order to clean all the colourful parts of your lamp, you should make sure to use a clean and soft white cloth. If you prefer, you can dampen your cloth with a little soapy water, which will help to keep the dust away for longer. You should thoroughly rinse the cloth in clean water and then re-do the whole process to ensure optimum cleaning.


    For marble lamps, you can again use a clean cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. You can also opt for a little soapy water for a more intense clean.

    For more details check out Delightfull’s blog here.

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