How AI is changing the hiring process

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    The hotel industry is being urged to embrace the future of tech as artificial intelligence, or AI, becomes more and more sophisticated. The world around us is continuing to change, but taking the next step into the developing technological landscape can be daunting. The team at Hotel Owner have revealed their top three ways AI could change the way you recruit staff.

    No more bias
    Getting rid of the human element means removing any factors we may subconsciously consider, taking candidates at the face value of their CV. An advanced computer system won’t discriminate against age, gender, race or creed and will only look at a recruits skills and ability.

    Spend less time
    An algorithm can scan and read applications in a fraction of the time a person would, freeing up your team’s time that would otherwise be spent sifting through hundreds of irrelevant applications. AI can be put to use at every point of recruitment, helping to reduce CV applications, sort into categories, and even help reference check.

    Staying consistent
    Artificial intelligence will work to the same rules at all times, again reducing the human error. Different recruiters will regularly priorities and pick up on different aspects of applications, while an AI will stick to its parameters without having to worry about whether or not they’re feeling grumpy or sleepy.

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    Toby Cruse / 13.11.2017


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