Green Tourism outlines new sustainability check

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    Green Tourism has detailed its latest ‘Green Check’ offering for tourism businesses seeking a sustainability award.

    Kicking off on November 13th, the sustainability check will run until the end of January next year, which will see Green Tourism offer businesses a pre-assessment review.

    The ‘Green Check’ will include a series of questions taken from the Green Tourism rating system, which will give companies an idea of where they sit on their journey to be more green.

    Businesses will then be given guidance and advice on how they can achieve an award.

    Andrea Nicholas, MD of Green Tourism, said: “There is much evidence that consumers, particularly Generation Y, are motivated by ethical consumption. We can certainly back that up by the experiences of those who currently hold a Green Tourism award,” reports Boutique Hotelier.

    “Not only are award holders able to communicate clear and compelling differentiation, they are also benefiting from real cost savings by taking on board the advice of our assessors.”

    2017 marks Green Tourism’s 20th anniversary, and has launched the initiative as part of its overall strategy to build on the sustainable movements of over 2,000 tourism companies.

    Daniel Fountain / 13.11.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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