Hotel group Accor pledges to double apprentices in the UK

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    Accor has pledged to double the number of its UK apprentices, bringing the total to 300 by the end of 2016. Accor has provided apprenticeships in the UK for the past ten years. During that time, over 500 apprentices have completed their training. Since 2012, Accor has invested over £2.5 million in training and development in the UK, and in addition to the 150 apprentices currently employed; the group offers 300 work placements every year.

    Later today, Accor is hosting an Apprentice Day at its state-of-the-art London training Académie. The aim of the event is to inspire young people to begin a career within the hospitality industry and encourage them to consider an apprenticeship as the route into the sector.

    As part of the event, attendees will take part in ‘The Big Hospitality Conversation’. The purpose is to bring young people, Accor apprentices and Accor business leaders together to have a unique conversation about the hospitality sector and apprenticeships.

    Throughout, attendees will hear from Thomas Dubaere, Managing Director, Accor UK & Ireland; Philip Addison, VP of Human Resources of Accor; The Springboard Charity and training providers.

    Thomas Dubaere, Managing Director, Accor UK & Ireland said, “We believe in the value of apprenticeships, which is why we are committed to growing the number that we have in the UK.

    “One of the biggest challenges we face in the UK is that young people aren’t always aware of what careers are available to them and there is a myth that apprenticeships are not a viable route into a career. I believe that apprenticeships are vital as they offer young people an alternative to further education, allowing them to earn whilst they learn and helping them to reach their career goals. Through our conversations today, we hope to educate and share experiences between some potential apprentices and our current apprentices.”

    Daniel Fountain / 22.03.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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