GUEST BLOG: Likeable linens for hotel bedrooms & bathrooms

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    Hannah Moses of Better Bath shares her views on the importance of choosing the right linens for your hotel bedrooms and bathrooms and why she believes they should be top of the list when decorating said areas.

    Bedroom and bathroom linen decisions should be based on the quality and comfortability that your guest would enjoy the most. When choosing the right linens, you want to keep in mind that how your guest relax and sleep through the night can depend highly on the bed sheets and towels that they will use.

    How to Select Bedding Your Guest Will Love:

    The reason bedsheet fibers differ is in part because of seasonal weather changes along with the softness factor. Here are the fiber choices for fitted or flat bedsheets:

    • Satin- a man-made fiber that is lightweight and shiny in appearance
    • Bamboo- a type of tall grass that is made into fabric
    • Polyester- an inexpensive man-made fiber
    • Microfiber- a delicate synthetic fabric
    • Flannel- a heavier brushed fabric that provides warmth
    • Cotton- the most popular natural fabric
    • Silk- a smooth and shiny natural fabric
    • Blends- a combination of fibers

    Another factor to consider when choosing the right bedding for your guest is if they could potentially be sensitive to a particular fabric. One can always make sure to select a type of bedsheet fabric that is hypoallergenic such as organic cotton that is white in color or that is stained with natural dyes. The decision to choose hypoallergenic fabric can ultimately be a marketing opportunity to guest that would feel better knowing the bedding they lay on will be held to the highest standard.

    How to Select Towels Your Guest Will Love:

    Longevity of the towels you choose for your guest should be of highest importance. Theses towels will go through many washes through the use they endure. Towels are measured by grams per square meter, meaning lower GSM towels are usually lighter weight and thinner by touch, and higher GSM towels are heavier in weight and thicker by touch. Usually a towel that is in between the lower and higher GSM is a good choice.

    Egyptian cotton is something everyone is familiar with but not the first pick due to the high cost it can bear. You want your towels to feel luxurious as well as have ultimate drying ability to your guest. Classic white towels tend to work best due to the low fabric dyes that they will have. Going along with the hypoallergenic affect in the sheets, you will want this to continue in the guest bath.

    Colour! Select a Color Your Guest Will Love:

    While most guest bedding and bath linens are white due to the ease of washing and getting potential stains out work well, choosing earthy calming tones could be another option. Bright colors tend to have an effect on the brain, cool colors such as greys, blue, or even green ease the mind when one makes eye contact with them. White linens in the bathroom still hold true to going with most any color scheme and style the room might have, but on the other hand bed linens have a little wiggle room when choosing color.

    Extra Bedding & Duvet Covers You Guest Will Love:

    For additional warmth, you must have an assortment of blankets, comforters, or bedspreads. Buying comforters and blankets that are made from wool, cotton, or other fibers are essential to your guest comfortability. Duvet covers are another source of changing the style of the room in one quick change. Duvet covers have several pros; they are easy to remove and wash, one can change the color depending on season or room, and they add an extra choice of bedding that can be for warmth or style of the room instantly.

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