Furniture Product Watch: DIVINITAS by DOMINGO SALOTTI

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    Furniture Product Watch: DIVINITAS by DOMINGO SALOTTI

    DIVINITAS is the latest luxury collection of upholstered furniture and accessories launched by DOMINGO SALOTTI. To celebrate soft furnishings and fabrics being under the spotlight this month, Hotel Designs learns more…

    The idea was to create a collection of the upholstered furniture that would add layers of elegance, comfort, and character to our homes. The result is a series of products that can blend effortlessly into a sophisticated residential scheme as well as into luxury hotel designs.

    The DIVINITAS line by DOMINGO SALOTTI includes sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, ottomans and tables reminiscent of the ideals of beauty and perfection as defined by Renaissance and Neoclassical Art. The featured styles are named after nymphs and heroes who were the offspring of Gods.

    The luxury collection takes the traditional notions of volume and shape and reworks them to create a feeling of timeless elegance and effortless sophistication.

    The DIVINITAS sofas, armchairs, and ottomans are upholstered in opulent materials such as velvets, satins, elegant leathers, and eco-leather – should your project be required to give priority to durability.

    Main image credit: DOMINGO SALOTTI

    What’s more, the team at DOMINGO SALOTTI can ensure that all fabrics and foam offered for your luxury design projects meet with Flame Retardancy legislation of the country where the product is destined. Not all Countries share the same FR legislation but DOMINGO has many decades of experience delivering commercial projects. Our staff will be able to advise you accordingly and to provide you with the relevant certification.

    The details in the collection can be made with a wide selection of finishes and processes that will help designers to add their bespoke touches to projects. Lively texture combinations, embossed fabrics, and leathers, contrast piping, studs detailing, sumptuous deep buttoning.

    DOMINGO handcrafts each product according to the best Italian tradition, by our knowledgeable workers in our internal workshop. The brand makes each product in-house and works each style by hand. This allows the team to deliver the highest possible quality whilst being able to be incredibly flexible and reactive to your requests. Each upholstered product made by DOMINGO can be modified in width, length, and depth. Finishes can be added or removed to reach the client’s desired effect. Beds can be integrated into a few of our DIVINITAS styles – turning a stylish couch into a refined sofa bed.

    None of this would be possible without the legacy of DOMINGO and the skills and craftsmanship of the artisans (carpenters, tailors, and upholsterers) who have been working with the brand for decades. Craftsmen who are now training the new generation of craftsmen.

    DOMINGO SALOTTI is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here 

    Hamish Kilburn / 06.07.2020


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