Furama City Centre unveils a fresh new concept to its Lobby

    Furama City Centre unveils a fresh new concept to its Lobby
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    Furama City Centre in Singapore is celebrating the launch of its newly refurbished main and lower lobby. Furama City Centre opens its doors to all guests alike and invites them to soak in its new and fresh concept.

    Together with the revamped concept, Furama City Centre is anchored in the heart of Chinatown and at the fringe of the Central Business District. Here, an approximate one million guests pass through the lobby each year, forming their first impressions of the hotel, and some key changes include new flooring, bright carpet inlays, a new reception and lounge area, and a new façade for Tiffany Café & Restaurant – the hotel’s main restaurant. Furthermore, the new lobby is fitted with completely new lighting, enhancing the already welcoming ambiance for guests.

    To enhance its guest experience, the hotel implemented the new design to the lobby alongside the brand’s initiative of introducing a series of value-added services and recreational activities for its guests. Furama City Centre hopes to deliver the message of striking a balance between work and play for both the leisure and business travellers. The hotel aims for guests to be able to fully immerse themselves in experiencing and taking away a unique experience. For all guests, Furama City Centre will be more than just a hotel.

    Designed by Classroom, the first of two phases of the renovation unveiled a brand-new look in the hotel lobby, the second phase will include unveiling a new look for guestrooms. The modern interiors creatively incorporate design elements inspired by culturally rich and colourful Chinatown. The newly-designed lounge area for guests has also been decorated with brightly coloured swan chairs, juxtaposing structured lines with colourful curves to create a modern classic look.

    Crafted by designers Lisa Yun and Lee Yong Hoe when asked for the idea behind the new design concept, Lisa said, “We were trying to find a solution to the infrastructure of the lobby and to create a space with a lot of potential. We were faced with a unique situation whereby the main entrance is not on the same level as the main lobby, and we needed to extend the anticipation from the lower lobby/concierge. The colours at the concierge includes contemporary colours to create a more welcoming lobby, while timbers as wall panels create a warm atmosphere. The hotel aims at attracting a younger audience with trendier design and bright colours.

    “Extending the colours and vibrancy from the concierge to the upper lobby, we adapted a brighter palate and changed the lightings at the main lobby to keep them more current and updated. We decided to construct a island reception counter in the centre of the lobby to activate the space around and install prominent new lightings that would create focal points yet make an elegant yet bold statement with the vibrant colours. At the lobby lounge, we see a more casual and less structured set-up, to inject a sense of cosiness,” she added.

    Guests are encouraged to pamper themselves with a wide array of dining options, entertainment, shopping within vicinity. Inspired by the dynamic neighbourhood, the hotel infuses the use of vibrant and bold striking colours to bring out a fun and refreshing design, while up keeping the historical and heritage context.

    Coupled with the excellent and personalised service in the heart of the city, Furama City Centre is sure to entice travellers to make a stop at this destination. Located in a strategic and accessible location with public transportation within the neighbourhood, experience the culturally rich heritage at Chinatown, a mere 5-minutes’ walk from Furama City Centre.

    Daniel Fountain / 03.04.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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