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    Effective project management with BIM

    Driven by a government mandate requiring that all government projects should use BIM by 2016, this design tool has become increasingly popular over the last few years.The collaborative way of digitally creating and maintaining projects makes for effective management of the project throughout its life-cycle.

    GROHE leads the way

    GROHE is committed to being at the forefront of change in the construction sector and now provides BIM data on some 125 of its high quality sanitary products for planners, architects and interior designers.

    Immediate complete project overview

    BIM data can be used to illustrate the entire building lifecycle, from inception to demolition. Architects, planners, engineers and contractors are able to make wide-ranging use of BIM data. Just by entering the product’s data in their project, they can immediately see the effects of space, style, décor and technical requirements, as well as costs.

    Get ahead of the competition

    BIM can also be critical in winning a supply contract for a project. Getting involved from an early stage gives companies a competitive advantage.


    Daniel Fountain / 29.01.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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