Fairfield by Marriott doubles its footprint in Japan

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    Fairfield by Marriott doubles its footprint in Japan

    The Fairfield by Marriott brand is increasing its portfolio in Japan with eight hotels stated to open across four prefectures…

    Marriott International has announced the planned openings of eight new Fairfield by Marriott properties in Japan, highlighting a vast expansion that more than doubles the size of the brand in the country.

    Sekisui House, a renowned Japanese developer, has partnered with Marriott International to further enhance their ‘Trip Base’ initiative – a project seeking to revitalize local sightseeing spots – with the opening of hotels alongside ‘Michi-no-Eki’ roadside stations. The Michi-no-Eki rest stop system was created over two decades ago to provide comfortable stop-over rest facilities for road trip travelers in Japan, situated close to national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    As part of the Marriott Michi-no-Eki project, Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park, Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Mino, Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Utsunomiya, Fairfield by Marriott Kyoto Kyotamba, Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Gujo and Fairfield by Marriott Mie Mihama are slated to open this month, followed by Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Motegi in November and Fairfield by Marriott Kyoto Miyazu in December.

    “Following its Japan debut in Sapporo earlier this year, we are thrilled for the Fairfield by Marriott brand to continue its expansion in the country,” said Rajeev Menon, President, Asia Pacific (excluding China), Marriott International. “These new openings underscore Marriott International’s commitment to growing our presence in Japan to serve travellers here. The new hotels will deliver the brand’s principles of friendly service and family treatment, giving travelers access to inspiring natural destinations across the country.”

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    Fairfield builds upon its strong heritage of warm hospitality and the belief in the beauty of simplicity, creating a place where every moment is an inviting and effortless experience for its guests. The experience is backed by The Fairfield Promise™ – from the hotel’s level of service to accommodations, if a guest is ever not satisfied with their stay, Fairfield will make it right.

    Upon arrival, a welcoming lounge with a relaxed seating area provides a smart and flexible space for guests. Designed for both rest and productivity, each guest room averages about 25 square meters and offers a comfortable bed for a great night’s sleep, as well as fast complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotels also offer optional breakfast take-away in bento boxes for guests to enjoy at the hotel or while on the road.

    Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park (85 rooms, opened October 6)

    This hotel is a great starting point for family holidays exploring Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park, an urban park designed to emulate the rural landscape of Japan’s Showa era (1926-1989). The park features the nostalgic Satoyama Café, a foot spa corner and a charming morning market. Along the nearby Nakasendo Highway, guests can visit charming streetscapes of post-station towns, as well as historical temples and shrines.

    Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Mino (54 rooms, opened October 6)

    Surrounded by breathtaking views of the great Nagara River and emerald-green mountains, guests can explore Mino’s ancient buildings and streetscapes that date back to Japan’s Edo period (1603-1867) and discover the beauty of Mino Washi, the artisanal handmade paper with a history dating back 1,300 years. Visitors can also savor the delicious Ayu sweet fish caught in the pristine waters of the river, served with fresh seasonal vegetables from the surrounding countryside.

    Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Utsunomiya (87 rooms, opening October 7)

    Conveniently located near the Utsunomiya Romantic Village, this hotel makes an ideal base for sightseeing around the beautiful rural countryside. Guests get to enjoy hands-on experiences with local farming, strawberry picking, forest hikes and traditional hot springs. This area is famous for its delicious gyoza dumplings, which can be found at many popular restaurants nearby.

    Fairfield by Marriott Kyoto Kyotamba (75 rooms, opened October 8)

    This hotel is located at the gateway of the Kyotamba region, characterized by its rolling green hills. The climate of the Tamba plateau produces treasure troves of specialty produce famous throughout Japan, such as Tamba chestnuts and Tamba black beans. Food lovers will enjoy discovering local delicacies throughout the year here, such as Ayu sweet fish in early summer, botan-nabe or boar meat hot pot in the winter, as well as dishes made with sansai or wild mountain vegetables in the springtime.

    Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Gujo (87 rooms, opened October 9)

    For fans of Japanese history and culture, Gujo is a not-to-be-missed destination. Guests can explore nearby Gujo Hachiman Castle and the old-world charm of the castle town, surrounded by beautiful rural Japanese countryside. In Gujo, the Kokin Denju no Sato Field Museum features classical waka poetry readings, and thermal spring-filled ceramic baths and foot spas to soothe and relax travel-weary limbs. Guests can also discover the delicacies of this region, including salt-grilled Ayu sweet fish and keichan, a traditional chicken dish.

    Fairfield by Marriott Mie Mihama (63 rooms, planned opening October 12)

    The Hamakaido is the main coastal route of the World Heritage-listed Kumano Kodo, Japan’s 1,000-year-old pilgrim’s route. This hotel is located next to the Michi-no-Eki Park Shichiri-Mihama roadside station, right in front of the Hamakaido. With the year-round warm and pleasant weather, guests can also explore nearby Shichiri Mihama Beach, selected as one of Japan’s “100 Great Beaches”, and enjoy the wealth of regional produce, including the many different varieties of mandarin oranges and the freshest seafood.

    Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Motegi (52 rooms, planned opening November 20)

    This hotel is located next to Michi-no-Eki Motegi, near the Mooka Railway station and tracks, famous for its majestic steam locomotives which run on weekends, attracting crowds of children and adults alike. Motor racing fans will also enjoy visiting the famous international racing circuit nearby, Twin Ring Motegi, which also houses the Honda Fan Fun Lab featuring next-generation technologies such as robotics and electric vehicles.

    Fairfield by Marriott Kyoto Miyazu (93 rooms, planned opening December 15)

    This hotel is located in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, offering panoramic views of the beautiful clear waters of Miyazu Bay. Guests can enjoy refreshing ocean breezes, explore the charming ancient streets of Kyoto, and discover classic Japanese cuisine at Osakana Kitchen Miyazu, including its popular kaisen-don, rice bowls topped with selections of fresh seafood. Guests can also take a pleasure cruise to see the beautiful Amanohashidate sandbar, voted as one of the three most scenic views in Japan.

    “Japan has a variety of breathtaking destinations and experiences for visitors, from beautiful countryside to ancient historical sites and some of the most wonderful and varied cuisine in the world,” said Masahiro Taguchi, Project Director of Fairfield by Marriott’s Michi-no-Eki portfolio. “Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki Hotels will welcome guests with the beauty of simplicity, and offer comfortable start points for travelers to explore local destinations and hidden gems.”

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