Duravit present the ultimate toilet experience

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    Refreshing, clean, pleasant – all the Duravit toilet products and features offer a new and convenient way to feel good.

    The SensoWash® shower-toilet seats ensure modern toilet hygiene and an improved quality of life. Each of the functions and practical features, even the design, are perfectly co-ordinated for an incomparable, freshly washed feel.

    The SensoWash® Slim seat with soft closing mechanism and “Rearwash”, “Ladywash” or “Comfortwash” features combines all the essential functions. The entire seat can be removed in one go for easy cleaning. The SensoWash® Starck e shower-toilet seat has a replacement spray head, energy-saving mode and additional features such as a night light. The slender and elegant remote control for all the SensoWash shower-toilet seats is discreet and completely intuitive to operate.

    Furthermore, the new rimless toilets optimise the flushing process: thanks to the open design, the rim is cleaned hygienically and efficiently and the entire inner surface is rinsed with a dynamic and powerful jet that uses only a small amount of water. Another advantage in terms of hygiene: the special anti-bacterial HygieneGlaze2.0 coating, which is baked into the ceramic surface during the firing process, acts fast
    and effectively, killing 99.9% of germs and providing lasting protection.


    Katy Phillips / 04.04.2018



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