Sneak peek: Cayo Levantado Resort – a sustainable island oasis

Cayo Levantado Resort plans to open its doors and bring its own rhythm to the Dominican Republic island with a guest experience based on three pillars – local culture, sustainability, and wellness…

aerial view of the Cayo Levantado island and resort

Located on the island of Cayo Levantado, just a few miles away from Samaná Bay, Cayo Levantado Resort brings together elements of sustainability and innovation to create an ecological and cultural impact. The luxury resort is an exclusive development from Grupo Piñero, a Spanish multinational family-owned company, founded in 1977. In addition to its Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts portfolio, the company is launching Cayo Levantado Resort as a unique and differentiated brand, entering a new market – the luxury segment.

Cayo Levantado Resort has brought in a group of Dominican designers, interior designers and architects who will contribute to reflecting the Dominican culture through its different areas. The entire concept of the local culture underlying the project is headed by architect Ramón Emilio Jiménez and his studio Arquimilio. The culinary and cocktail development is being led by Dominican chefs Pedro Mota and Carlos Romero.

rattan chairs, palm trees and green accents in the entrance and lobby to Cayo Levantado Resort

Image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort

The resort is focussing its expertise on ecological impact and sustainability, protecting the delicate ecosystem of its location and preserving its spectacular fauna and flora. Waste management is a very important component of Cayo Levantado given that islands require rubbish to be removed. Through a biodigester, the island’s waste is transported and used for energy purposes. Naturally, there will be many elements at a sustainability level that are both visible and invisible – at infrastructure-levels, there are elements that customers typically directly perceive and experience first-hand, but elements like waste management are intangible to visitors and help to convey the ‘hidden reality’ of the project.

seating area in a suite with ceiling fan, open doors and natural colours

Image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort

“With a profound respect for the environment, we focus our expertise on protecting the delicate ecosystem and preserving its spectacular flora and fauna,” said Pablo del Toro, Technical Environmental Advisor, Grupo Piñero. “In order to operate and power the hotel efficiently, gardening, waste management and renewable energy is required. Among the renewable energy sources, you’ll find thermal energy, heat recovery and solar panels.”

wood and natural material in the guestroom with four poster bed in Cayo Levantado Resort

Image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort

The resort offers 219 spacious and stylish guestrooms. Ranging from Junior Suites to the more spacious Signature Villa. Each room is expertly styled and purposefully appointed, taking its cues from the tropical beauty of its location with its vibrant colours, breathtaking scenery and exceptional wildlife. The overarching design encourages personal wellness, with four paths that create an atmosphere perfectly suited to refresh vigour, revitalise, relieve stress and restore balance. Taking a holistic approach, the expertly trained staff combines exercise, meditation, activities and nutrition, all designed to guide guests on their journey toward a vital rhythm that is in sync with the vibrant pulse and pace of the natural surroundings. To experience Cayo Levantado Resort is to discover your own, inner rhythm.

low lighting and tropical plants in restaurant at Cayo Levantado Resort

Image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort

As part of the all-inclusive offering, guests may choose from three à la carte restaurants, one buffet restaurant and four bars and a coffee shop that feature gourmet cuisine and trendy mixology, with attention to the utmost in quality and creativity and incorporating both local and international elements. Two additional speciality restaurants give visitors exciting dining options to the exceptional all-inclusive offerings. Created by expert bartenders at the resort’s mixology laboratory, all the signature cocktails utilise the latest trends and highest quality, natural ingredients, many of which come from the resort’s own botanical garden.

wooden pavilion with seating overlooking a lily pond at the spa

Image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort

Cayo Levantado Resort also boasts a truly unique wellness immersion, an environment and a balanced state of mind, body and soul. The area includes one of the resort’s two pools, a SPA, outdoor CrossFit and personal training studio, a beauty salon and botanic garden. Offered as an exciting addition to the all-inclusive, YUBARTA is an elevated experience for personal growth and discovery, featuring a cenote, directed activity and meditation rooms and a garden landscape circuit where the island’s flora and fauna are to be discovered. Finally, steps from the beach, the resort’s beach club and its pool draw guests in to enjoy their refreshing waters, plus the relaxed comfort of its patios and surrounding pathways.

Main image credit: Cayo Levantado Resort