Casa Escandi – reframing hospitality

Interior design studio Escandi has unveiled Casa Escandi in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark – this design showcase will be operational for a month and a half, before, during and after 3daysofdesign, and has been designed to reframe modern hospitality by balancing comfort, relaxation and work functionality to accommodate the blended lifestyles of contemporary travellers…

bed and sidetable detail in Casa Escandi

Casa Escandi has been designed to invite a re-evaluation of what hospitality can offer, promising both sophistication and practicality in its approach. In times when lines between work and leisure are blurred, remote work and time with family and friends must coexist. When even a hotel stay at an exotic destination entails a couple of days of work, the importance of comfort and functionality sits high on the agenda.

comfortable seating with layers of tone and texture in casa ecandi

Image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg

Recent trends show a significant shift towards ‘bleisure’ travel, where 60 per cent of all global business trips now blend business with leisure, underscoring the evolving needs of today’s travellers. Emma Johansson, founder of Escandi, questions the prevailing industry narrative, stating: ”Many believe that the
integration of work and leisure in hospitality is already perfected. However, the reality we observe paints a different picture, where the needs of modern travellers are not fully met. With the introduction of Casa Escandi, our mission is to further this development, offering thoughtful solutions and sparking a dialogue about the future of hospitality that truly centres on the guest’s experience.”

Johansson, who has dedicated over two decades to designing corporate spaces that encourage creativity and productivity, is joined by business partner Emma Strandberg. Strandberg brings a wealth of experience from her involvement in numerous prestigious five-star hospitality projects. Strandberg emphasises the importance of authenticity in guest experiences, stating: ”As we see a shift back to analogue values, Casa Escandi prioritises the timeless allure of authenticity and reliability through meaningful human interactions, personalised experiences and tangible, sensory engagements. Our design philosophy centres on comfort, beauty and use of durable and long-lasting materials that enhance the guest experience and feel homelike and embracing.”

detail of reception with tiles and textures, lighting and flowers

Image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg

The reception and lobby area blends elegance with functionality, setting the tone for the entire guest  experience. Casa Escandi’s take on the check-in process eliminates queues; guests are seated in the lobby and offered refreshments while the check-in process is handled discreetly. Comfortable seating areas cater to relaxation, informal meetings or quiet moments post-travel.

wooden chair in contemporary scandi design with woven cushion

Image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg

“This area is one of the hotel’s most demanding and hard-working,” added Strandberg. “Beyond its aesthetic appeal, designed to instantly put guests at ease, the lobby must seamlessly combine convenience and comfort to ensure a smooth transition into the hotel experience.”

The aesthetic choices in this area reflect a harmonious blend of modern Scandinavian design with a continental outlook. Light tones dominate the colour palette, complemented by plush carpeting, tactile textiles and natural materials such as wood and stone. Soft, ambient lighting creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, while selected artworks, vintage pieces and fresh-cut flowers add a touch of homeliness and sophistication.

shelving and desk in hotel workspace area

Image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg

As part of the Casa Escandi case study, the workspace and library area symbolises the growing need for environments where productivity and relaxation coexist in the hospitality industry. “Workspaces in hospitality have often been neglected due to their limited revenue potential,” expanded Johansson. “However, with remote work becoming a permanent fixture and 98 per cent of employees expressing a preference for remote work at least part-time, a well-designed workspace is essential for facilitating productivity and wellbeing”.

The objective has been to create an environment where guests can easily transition between work and relaxation, feeling both inspired and comfortable. The workspace and library area features ergonomic furniture for long working hours and ample natural light. Design elements, such as wall art and green plants, are included to inspire creativity and maintain an engaging atmosphere.

A dynamic and informal bistro nook at Casa Escandi highlights the need for more informal and dynamic spaces in the hospitality industry and enhances the guest-centric approach in several ways. Firstly, it provides a relaxed environment that encourages both social interaction and business discussions, fostering a sense of community among guests. Secondly, the flexibility of the space means it can be adapted to suit different functions throughout the day, making it a valuable asset for guests who blend business and leisure activities. Efficient material selection plays a crucial role in creating such versatile spaces.

warm browns and dusky pinks in the guestroom at Casa Escandi

Image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg

The suite at Casa Escandi offers a private retreat that balances elegance with practicality, creating a sanctuary of comfort and wellbeing. Designed to meet the needs of modern travellers, the suite features a dedicated workspace, in-room wellness equipment and a custom-designed wardrobe that includes a bar cabinet. The layout maximises comfort and functionality, with custom-built headboards featuring upholstered inlays for added comfort. The design of the suites incorporates a darker, more sumptuous colour palette, providing a sense of calm and sophistication. High-quality, durable materials ensure a timeless appeal that can withstand frequent use by guests.

Lighting plays a crucial role throughout Casa Escandi, particularly in the suite. Christopher Jermiin Anker, sales manager of Danish lighting supplier Anker & Co, who provided the lighting design, explained: ”It’s in the contrast of light and darkness that our world comes alive. The right atmosphere is crucial to the
overall experience of space, and to us, it’s everything when working with hospitality. Sculpting a space of ease for the mind and soul – that is the most important task for us as light designers”.

Main image credit: Casa Escandi / Johanna Gunnberg