SPOTLIGHT ON: February features announced

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    Hotel Designs has officially dropped its February editorial features, which are Surfaces and Architecture & Construction… 

    Throughout February, Hotel Designs’ Spotlight On features will look at two highly topical features, namely Surfaces and Architecture and Construction. These features to run throughout the month have been carefully selected by the editorial team in light of both topics harbouring popular debates among industry leaders.

    Architecture and Construction 

    Render of Eden Hotel

    Image Credit: Tate Harmer Hotel, Eden Hotel (Winner of The Eco Award at The Brit List 2018)

    In 2018, for the first time ever, Hotel Designs included architects in The Brit List 2018 – and for good reason. Continuing this celebration of amazing architects , and taking the search global, we will start the month by investigating striking examples of architecture within international hotel design.


    Extreme close up of 3-d surface which looks like a flower

    Image credit: Anne Kyyro Quinn

    Running in conjunction with the Surface Design Show, our feature on surfaces will explore the various materials used within interiors. From flooring to innovative materials in wallcoverings, we’ll go beneath the surface to bring you an accurate and well-researched insight on the future trends.

    If you wish to find out more, or know of a product that we should be talking about, please contact Zoe Guerrier on 01992 374059 or

    Hamish Kilburn / 17.01.2019


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