BIID launches new Client’s Guide to working with interior designers

    BIID launches client's guide to working with interior designers
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    The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has launched its new Client’s Guide to Working with An Interior Designer. The practical guide is designed to highlight the advantages of working with an interior designer and to outline the process of appointing one.

    The guide explains the process of collaborating with an interior designer and offers a step-by-step guide for clients which covers:
    • How to appoint an interior designer
    • What do interior designers do?
    • How does the relationship work between designer and client?
    • Getting started — where to find an interior designer
    • Fees
    • The project process – from start to finish

    Susie Rumbold - BIID

    Susie Rumbold (pictured), BIID President Elect, who co-authored the guide comments: “As the professional institute for interior designers in the UK, the BIID has created this user-friendly guide to help both clients and the designers they work with.

    “As a practising interior designer, I often find that prospective clients are unsure where to start researching a potential designer and are uncertain of the process of hiring a designer to help transform their initial ideas into reality. This new guide aims to demystify this process and help clients consider what they want to achieve when setting out on a design project.

    “The key to a successful project lies in finding an interior designer or design practice that you feel has the appropriate experience, competence, sympathy with your vision and rigorous working practices to suit you and your aspirations. We hope this guide will help to set clients on the right path to achieving this.”

    The BIID Client’s Guide offers practical advice on what qualifications and experience clients should look for when hiring a designer, such as ensuring that they are a BIID Registered Interior Designer. This new title is a way to help identify interior designers who have met the BIID’s rigorous professional standard and offers the reassurance that the designer is properly qualified and meets the BIID’s high standards of professional practice.

    To download a free copy of the new BIID Client’s Guide, click here. . .

    To find out more about the new BIID Registered Interior Designer title go to here. . .

    Daniel Fountain / 15.04.2016

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