Bathoom wellness // How to take a wet room project to the next level

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    Bathoom wellness // How to take a wet room project to the next level

    One of the most apparent changes in the post-pandemic world will emerge from the shifting demands regarding wellness. Schlüter Systems explains how its Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD can take the wet room to a new level…

    When it comes to designing wet rooms, getting the perfect finish right is an absolute must. This can only be achieved by creating a completely level and tile-ready substrate prior to installation of the covering material.

    The recently BBA certified Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD is the ideal solution to give you full peace of mind. The lightweight backerboard is a proven multifunctional product whilst also being flat and even.

    Consisting of an extruded hard foam core panel with a special reinforcement material on both sides and waterproof fleece faces to finish, KERDI-BOARD is also an eco-friendly alternative to fibreglass or cement-faced backerboards. The absence of a cementitious layer means that it costs less to transport and produces no dust when cut, making for healthier working conditions and avoiding the release of toxins into the wider environment.

    Using various sealing bands, adhesives, and pre-fabricated corner pieces available from the Schlüter-KERDI range, the seams between individual boards are quickly and robustly sealed. This will create a complete CE marked bonded waterproofing assembly upon which tiling can commence without delay.

    The versality of the product is why we see it being a key player in the creation or renovation of hotel spas and bathrooms going forward. Available in a range of seven thickness ranging for 5-50mm, KERDI-BOARD can be used to create shelves, niches, partition walls and even seats within a bathroom area. This can help to create a relaxing and spa-like experience for guests and, in a time when luxury and wellness is at the forefront of the hospitality industry, these further considerations can make all the difference.

    When looking to introduce some tranquillity into your bathroom, wet room or spa project, KERDI-BOARD will provide both a reliable substrate to tile onto, and the flexibility to create the wow-factor when considering any additional features.

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