A very modern brassware range, steeped in 160 years of history

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    Today, brassware plays an integral part of a bathroom’s design, but for one Swiss manufacturer, producing taps that combine form with function has been integral to its business for 160 years.Similor AG, manufacturer of Laufen brand brassware, has a history that dates back to 1846 – a time when few Swiss homes had running water, let alone a bathroom. It was in that year that Henri Jean Charles Kugler opened a small foundry to produce brass products, oil and petroleum lamps, before officially establishing the Kugler company eight years later, in 1854.

    In 1863, Kugler became the first Swiss company to produce water and gas fittings, with a competitor emerging in the form of Similor SA in 1917. Similor SA acquired Kugler in 1996, before joining the Spanish family-owned company Roca, a leading global player in the bath industry, in 2007.

    Now, as the brand celebrates its 160th anniversary, it is firmly established as one of Switzerland’s leading brassware manufacturers. Similor AG has been headquartered at Laufen since 2010 and plays an integral part of the Laufen brand.

    Today, in its 160th year, the company combines the expertise that comes from such a long manufacturing history, with a forward-thinking approach that enables it to retain its market-leading status within the industry. This is demonstrated by the most recent brassware collections to be produced by Similor AG for Laufen, including the contemporary twinplus, twinprime, curveplus and curveprime ranges, designed to complement Laufen’s wide range of sanitaryware options.

    Daniel Fountain / 01.08.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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