Fameed Khalique launches the latest collection of extraordinary hides for walls and floors

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    The latest collection of rugs and wallcoverings from innovative US company Kyle Bunting introduces striking new designs, colours and patterns for walls as well as floors. As with previous collections, the statement designs redefine how traditional hides are used in interiors and provide a unique focal point in any room. The collection is now available from Fameed Khalique. With an emphasis on indulging the sense of touch as well as the versatility to meet any aesthetic criteria, the hides create the ultimate indulgent interior experience. Sumptuous textures are layered with playful colours and exciting patterns to provide a striking design statement and create a tactile and engaging environment.

    Hide Paper
    This unique collection is made from the finest quality hair-on-hide leather, and thanks to pioneering technology no stitching is required ensuring a high-quality and seamless finish.

    Instead, hides are expertly fused onto a rubber backing, which aside from creating a flawless look, allows for the hides to be easily applied to a multitude of surfaces. Easy application means that the Hide Paper collection provides a simple and swift way of updating your interiors to make a strong design statement in the home.

    Designs in the striking Hide Paper collection are made from the same premium Italian leather as the rugs, and challenge the usual connotations of wallcoverings with their tactile surface and unexpected composition. For the ultimate feature wall, choose from the extensive offering within the collection, or instead embrace your creativity and personality with a bespoke design.

    Bespoke Hide Creations
    By combining the unique techniques used to create the hides with the design team’s expert eye for colour and pattern, any design is possible, from neutral and traditional to bold and contemporary.

    Whether for a wall or floor, a residential space or commercial project, Kyle Bunting hides can be made to measure with a bespoke design unique to individual scheme and size requirements.

    Alongside the bold geometric and deco-inspired patterns typical of Kyle Bunting, the latest designs showcase beautiful detailing and exquisite craftsmanship through delicate nature-inspired images such as butterflies and trees, for a more subtle statement.

    Daniel Fountain / 31.07.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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