Spotlight On: 5 inspirng art and photography hotels from around the world (part 2)

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    Following the success of our article on 7 inspiring art and photography hotels from around the world, and to end our Spotlight On feature focusing around Art and Photography, here is part two… 

    It’s official: art and photography is taking over Hotel Designs, and it is doing so in some serious style, highlight major accents on the walls from around the world. Following part 1, here is our second trip around the globe to source the best examples of art and photography hotels.

    1) The Banke Hotel 5*, Paris

    The Banke Hotel 5*, as with all the Derby Hotel Collection’s properties, holds invaluable pieces of art from the private collection of Jordi Clos, the project manager of the group. Unique pieces are displayed on every floor for the pleasure of visitors and guests alike. On each level, and inside striking suites, guests can marvel the works of art, showcased in museum-style glass presentation boxes.

    The hotel exhibits Derby Hotels Collection’s most important collection of ethnic and archaeological jewelry from Africa, Pre-Columbian America and Asia. The collection is permanently displayed on each floor of the hotel in glass cases classified by culture. From Papua New Guinea, China, India and Tibet to the ancient tribes of Africa. Particularly notable are the ritual necklaces from Papua New Guinea, silver and ivory bracelets from Sri Lanka, shaman costumes from the Ivory Coast and talisman boxes from the Mali desert.

    2) The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    The Cosmopolitan lobby digital art installation, curated by art consultant Susan Walsh, combines architecture, contemporary art and technology to create an unexpected and dynamic experience. Eight 15′ digital columns and a panel spanning the length of the front desk continuously display a curated library of digital art, transforming the space into an immersive living narrative that incorporates elegant, fantastical and often poetic interpretations of life’s travels. In addition, clouds made from lego pieces hang above guests’ heads in the public areas.

    3) The Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik 

    Behind a large check-in desk, set within timber-panelled wall surround, is a triptych of artworks by Croatian artist Antonia Čačić, specially-commissioned for the project by the scheme’s art consultants ARTIQ. The 3m-long abstract triptych incorporates a palette of soft hues inspired by the colours of the Dalmatian coast.

    4) The Anthenaeum, London

    Turning heads in London’s leafy Mayfair – not as leafy as its exterior – is The Anthenaeum. Withing the striking building hangs a stunning art narrative that has been curated by the talented art consulant, Robin Greene. The main entrance creates a warm first impression for guests as representations of perfumes compliment each pillar.

    5) The Dolder Grand Hotel

    Image credit: The Dolder Grand

    Since the reopening of the Dolder Grand in 2008, more than 100 works of art by prestigious artists have graced the premises of this luxury hotel in Zurich. The most striking piece is arguably Andy Warhol’s “Big Retrospective Painting”, spanning 11 metres, which takes pride of place above the reception. Experience art at the Dolder Grand with our art ipads.

    Main image credit: David Biedert

    Hamish Kilburn / 27.11.2018


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